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5 On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is essential, perhaps the most important meal of your day (so they say..) But, it’s also the meal that most people skip in their rush to get to work in the morning, sound familiar? Who wants to wake up earlier than they already do to prepare for their day, anyways?! You guessed it, nobody. So, here are five easy to prepare breakfasts that’ll give you no excuses to not have a good meal to start the day.

#1 Protein Pancakes

Cook up a batch of pancakes on a Sunday and refrigerate them for a daily dose of goodness. You can even store them in the freezer if you make a gigantic bunch (definitely recommended.) There are so many recipes online, ranging from Peanut Butter Pancakes to Berry Pancakes. Pick the flavour that works for you, get cooking, then stuff your face.

#2 Overnight Oats

Probably the most well-known breakfast prep idea, overnight oats are part of the ideal no-cooking meal plan. Grab some rolled oats, add your liquids and other goodies, and let the fridge do all the work. Extra tip: This is probably the prettiest breakfast on-the-go plan, so layer it well with fruit and you’ll even have instant Insta content.

#3 Egg Muffins

A long-time breakfast staple, eggs are simply the best in the morning. But who really has time to fry an egg and clean the pan every morning? Not only is time minimal, but who can be bothered? Sure you can get machines now that boil eggs, but boiled eggs are no-ones friend. Instead, make use of your muffin tray and cook up small egg muffins with meat & veg that you can grab on your way out.

#4 Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Granola Bars are not only healthy, but they are readily available in supermarkets. However, the ones from the supermarket often have stacks of sneaky sugar in it. So, cut out that excess sugar by making your own. You only need five minutes and in return you’ll have a quick breakfast snack ready to munch on for days.

#5 Smoothies

If your goal is to lose a bit of weight, then a smoothie is one of your best brekky options. Smoothies from Boost & Nudie contain excess sugar and often don’t have the best parts of the fruit in them. Smoothies from home don’t have the sugar or have to be expensive. Buy the fruit frozen and allow yourself room to experiment with new flavours and combos.

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