5 Other Crazy Things The Simpsons Predicted

While we deal with the aftermath of a Donald Trump presidency, we were warned. Back in 2000 The Simpson’s predicted the coiffed, mandarin tinted, reality star would take on politics. And win. So although we don’t usually look to the animated family as a source of news or  as a crystal ball, perhaps we should. If these examples are anything to go by we should be worried for the coming spider-pig.

#1 Faulty Election Voting Machine

Season 20 Episode 4 – 2008

In 2008 Homer’s attempt to vote for Obama were changed into votes for McCain by a rigged voting machine. Eerily similar to how things actually went down come 2012. What’s a little conspiracy theory if it doesn’t turn out to be true?

#2 The Smartwatch

Season 6 Episode 19 – 1995

Talking into your portable time would have been considered pretty ludicrous at the time, but yet technology knows no bounds. In the episode Lisa’s wedding, we see plenty of accurate glimpses into the future well before their time. Video calling mobiles, the Rolling Stones making an elderly comeback tour and the advent of the smart watch. Well, I’ll be damned.

#3 Ebola Virus

Season 9 Episode 3 – 1997

A site of mass hysteria now but back in 1997 this book cover wouldn’t have even crossed the minds of viewers. Unless particularly engrossed in Simpsons merchandise. If only we’d known how the virus of no concern would become such a threat. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

#4 Farmville

Season 9 Episode 12 – 1998

No task too menial that it can’t be converted into a virtual reality experience. Imagine doing the dishes in virtual reality, washing, mopping even gardening. Well, The Simpson’s pointed jab at just that game true. Although we’re no longer drowning in plowing friend requests, the game FarmVille worked to gamify just that. Farming from the comfort of your own home. I guess you do reap what you sow, even if that’s just a little social media collateral earned.

#5 NSA Scandal

The Simpsons Movie – 2007

Before Snowden, before Mr Robot, the NSA was still all over American calls, we just didn’t know it yet. A room full on endless computers, robot bus driver come listening devices, a little far fetched at the time but much closer to reality these days. What even is privacy anymore?

Image source: Life and Style.

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