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5 Outdoor Spots to Chill at in Canberra

Spring has sprung and it’s such a nice time to be outside – not too cold, not too hot, not too sun burny. Below are 5 great spots to perch up and read – just mind the devilish magpies. Canberra is turning it on for book worms and newspaper perusers alike. Or just sunbake at your leisure.

#1 Lake Burley Griffin and the Kingston Foreshore

Okay this was obviously going to be number one. So many monuments to look at, grassy hills to sit on and benches for your enjoyment. You can always walk the 5k bridge to bridge while you’re at it and pick up a coffee near the National Library on the way or alternatively head to the other side of the lake to the Kingston Foreshore where you’re bound to see many people having brunch, walking, reading, studying and probably eating BrodBuger by the lake. It’s an awesmoe spot to hang out with great vibes and even better views. People watching alone is a good time but paired with a book you’re up for a great day!

#2 Mt Taylor – Tuggeranong

Heading down south for a walk? Well trek it up Mt Taylor and then hang out at the top with a nice book and take in even more great views of Canberra. You can’t get up the top of this mountain with a car but the walk is worth the views and if you just feel like an easy walk you can cruise on up to the top.

#3 National Botanic Gardens – Acton

Sitting amongst some amazing flowers and trees what is not to love? A popular picnic place too you can wonder through the greenery and then find yourself a nice cozy spot to read and relax. They often have fun events on too so if you want to check those out while you’re at it have a look here:

#4 Glebe Park – Canberra City

You may see alot of public servants on their lunch break here and you can’t blame them with lots of grassy areas, benches, BBQ spots and an abundance of large green trees nestled right in the centre of Canberra. Cheeky shopping trip after reading anyone? I think yes.

#5 Mt Ainslie Lookout

Oh the views! Would you like to check out all of Canberra whilst peering up from that lovely novel? Well look no further. You can wonder up the mountain by foot or do a cheeky drive up and find a nice cosy area to perch up.

Any secret hideouts you have? Let me know!

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