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5 Overseas Cities To Search For Your Dream Job

You might recall at the beginning of your degree that you were a dreamer, a person that was willing to jump leaps and bounds to find the job of their dreams. Flash forward five years and you’re stuck behind a desk slaving away for a company that you never even desired to work for. Well if you’re willing to reinvigorate those grand dreams of reaching CEO of a fashion company, or maybe even head architect of your own firm, here are the cities you need to do it in. So get ready to pack your bags, book a plane ticket and get job searching. The process might not be easy, but you are sure to reap the rewards.

#1 San Francisco, USA

Forget New York and forget LA, San Francisco is the place to be. The thing that makes this city so appealing is that you will have opportunities to apply for jobs at some of the world’s largest companies, so if you’re all about dreaming big, then this is the place for you. Plus, huge companies like Google have their outposts here (tick and tick.) According to, healthcare practitioners, computer wizzes, legal occupants and mathematicians reap the benefits of this vibrant and young city (by benefits I mean the big bucks.) If you’re willing to make the move, be sure to either snatch yourself a job first, or have your money saved for a green card to make the transition smooth.

#2 Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re prepared to make the shift to some colder weather and relocate to the other side of the world, well then, welcome to Stockholm. The beauty of the Scandinavian city is all around, with gorgeous architecture and an incredible history and culture. The best bit is that the Swedish capital has an absolutely booming tech industry (great for English speakers), with nearly 700 tech industries in the central city area. Even better, Fortune magazine ranked it one of the best cities for start-ups, meaning perfect job opportunities for recent graduates. So if you’re hoping to catch a break in an innovative and sustainable city, this is the place to make the move. Be sure to save some extra pennies before you land.

#3 Dublin, Ireland

The best bits about Dublin is that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than London, it’s part of the EU (potential job transfers to other cool cities) and everybody speaks English. The quaint and cosy city hosts tech giants Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the Twitter headquarters. Plus, if you decide to make the snap decision to enrol in a masters to up your credentials, Dublin is home to one of the most prestigious unis in the world. Can this city get any more appealing? Yes it can. The start up scene is absolutely booming in Dublin so there are many job vacancies waiting to be filled by young innovators. And the best bit of all, after a long hard day at work, you can reward yourself with a pint at any of the old school pubs that line the city streets.

#4 Berlin, Germany

Easily one of the most international cities in Europe, Berlin boasts an incredible arts and music scene, plenty of nightlife options and very efficient public transport. The best part? It’s home to many vibrant start-ups and great international companies that are in search of young graduates with a future vision. If you’re wanting to head in the right direction for your career, there is no better city than Berlin. You’re guaranteed to be surrounded with like-minded, encouraging individuals and even better, with rent controls you’ll have some lush, cheap accommodation too. Even if you’re looking at taking the leap and starting up your own business, office spaces are cheap to rent and there are plenty of internationals around that will jump on board your idea.

#5 Santiago, Chile

If Latin America has always been calling your name, well you better listen because Santiago is in need of young graduates with a career focused attitude. First of all the perks of Santiago are enormous; low corruption, low tax and cheap rent, so a head start in this city is fairly easy. Even better, it’s positioning itself as a new hub of entrepreneurship and innovation in South America. Due to it’s low population, Chile only graduate a certain amount of students to fill up and coming jobs, particularly in natural resource industries. So the government has conveniently recognised the need to bring in talent from abroad, and that’s where you come in. So why wait, start job-hunting now!

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