5 Parties In Melbs This Week For Cash Strapped Good Times

Spring has sprung and the good weather is finally on it’s way in. With temperatures rising, there’s no better time to start venturing out to the hottest parties of the new season. No doubt that Melbs is renown for it’s live music venues and raging parties, but often you’re set back with exxy entry prices. Rather than throwing your dollars away this weekend, we have collated for you the best events happening in the Victorian capital for guaranteed good times, minus the hefty price tag. Just try and stay home, we dare you.

#1 Do The Job @ Ferdydurke | 15/09

With free entry all night long to one of the best dance venues in Melbs, you’ll be begging mates to head on out with you. Some of the best independent Aussie DJs will be spinning the decks all night long, making it the perfect party for a cheap, cruisey Friday.

#2 Britney Vs JT – Double Denim Party @ Supersmall Club | 16/09

What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a throwback party, set to play all the best 2000’s hits. Head to Supersmall Club and get your healthy dose of denim; we’re talking denim jeans, denim shirts, denim jackets, denim hats, you name it. Free entry for all punters before 10pm and even better, if you decide to take the denim route you will be rewarded with a free drinks between 10 to 11pm.

#3 Between Two Ferns @ One Six One | 16/09

If house and techno is more your vibe, then this is the perfect party for you. Hosted by Familia in collab with Vanishing Point, the dominants of the Melbourne music scene. Tickets come as cheap at 10 bucks which is always a bonus and the session starts at 4pm, meaning little street crowds and some more time to sneak in extra bevvys.

#4 Tinder Singles Party @ Bang! | 16/09

The ultimate Tinder party in one location, so if it’s cuties you seek, it’s cuties you will find. Netflix & chill in the front room featuring free pizza, popcorn and movies and then head to the rave cave for a boogie until the early hours of the morning. Get ready to mingle this weekend and be sure to RSVP for discounted entry.

#5 Rooftop Day Party @ Bimbo Deluxe | 17/09

What better way to celebrate a glorious Sunday than a rooftop day party. The weather forecast is telling us sunshine all day long, so embrace the extensive DJ lineup and the glorious venue that offers all its guests four dollar pizza and $10 espresso martinis, yes please.

Image Sources: Supersmall Club, Bang!, Familia.

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