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5 People You’ll Definitely Encounter On Your Next Flight

You’ve hit your mid 20s and you are now a well and truly seasoned traveler. You’ve booked your summer in Europe and now you just have to conquer the long flight ahead. You find your pleb economy seat and look around waiting to see who will be your travel companion for the next 22 hours. Chances are, it will be one of the below.

The Chronic Complainer

They’ll either be seated right next to you, or you’ll be able to hear them bellowing complaints from the luxurious business cabin. There’s at least one if not several of these monstrous moaners on board. Whether it’s a quick domestic flight or a long haul to Europe, the flight time will be filled with complaints about the food, the leg room, the in-flight entertainment and even the attitude of the flight attendant (buddy, I’d have attitude too if I have to take care of you).

The Snorer

You’ve brought the ear plugs, you’ve downed enough cheap plane wine in an attempt that you’ll be able to get some shut eye before you land 13 hours later. Unfortunately, none of your precautions have worked, as you have been seated next to the most extravagant snorer you have ever heard in your life. He sounds like a bloody fire alarm mixed in with a suffocating bulldog. The noise is horrific and not even the battle scenes from GOT you’ve tuned into in the air will drown out the sound. Good luck.

The PDA Overload Couple

They met on Tinder, their romance in blooming and they’ve decided to travel overseas together. Documenting every moment, you have already counted them take about 100 selfies in the first hour. It’s all fun, games and macking on for the first leg of the ride. By the time they get to the other side you can see they’re ready to kill one another.

The Nomad

They sure as hell make for an interesting seat mate for a long ride. There’s always one nomadic traveler on board. Roaming the world on little money, all belongings in their overhead baggage and heaps of classic travel stories about getting lost in the jungles of South East Asia. No in-flight entertainment for him, just plenty of good reads and a serving of the on-board vegetarian option. Don’t be scared to offer your new mate a little deodorant for the ride though. It’s unlikely he’ll be offended.

Small Children

Any seasoned traveler will send out good omens before a flight in hope of no children under ten. The vibes never seem to penetrate, cause there’s always one small child that will cry their lungs out for the whole flight. If they aren’t crying they’ll be behind you kicking your chair for most of the journey.

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