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5 People You’re Bound To Meet At A Festival

Festivals host people from all walks of life that come to have their own version of a killer time in the sun (or mud.) With thousands of people compiling into the one place, it’s a sure-fire thing that you’ll meet some people that are absolute dooseys.

The Hot Mess Dancer

These guys are chaos, but an absolute joy to watch. You’ll see them in one of the mix up tents, or in the infamous tipi forest. These guys couldn’t care less about your judgement, or personal space for that matter. They’ll parkour off a tree, onto the bin where they’ll proceed to boogie without somehow falling off. As they’re going for gold on their dance platform (the bin) you’ll catch their eye. The rest is history, you’re their new dance subject now.

The Family

There’s always a couple random families wandering around and it just leaves you to wonder.. why? If it’s a family with a toddler, then alright, the kid doesn’t have a choice. But a lot of the time it’s 15 year olds with their parents. It’s not like you can’t go to a festival with your family, power to you, if that’s what you like to do. But it’s the ones getting amongst the raves and the chaos of the festival together that are confusing. Is it a bonding experience? A tradition? A dare? Whatever the reason may be, it’s interesting to observe.

The Coachella Wannabes

Ah, yes. The ones who are immaculately dressed from head to toe in the latest festival gear. You’ll never see them recycling an outfit from the year before. Instead they’re straight onto Showpo and ASOS gathering a brand new (froth-worthy) wardrobe. The rest of us look on as we’re donning the same ripped jeans, crop and flannel from the year before.. and the one before that.

The Ecstatics

The ecstatics are the ones who are on another planet of happy, for whatever reason that may be (it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they’re so smiley.) These types of people are adorable. You’ll probably find them off in their own world, laughing while they bop to one of their favourite songs.

The Drunkards

We’ve either laughed at the drunkards or been the drunkards. This type of person always comes in a range of levels. Sometimes they’re a little uneasy on their feet. Or you may catch someone who can drink their weight like a drunkard, but maintain their head. If you’re really lucky though, you’ll have the privilege to experience something that’ll remain etched in your memory. You’ll be sitting down, using a building as a backrest and minding your own business. Yes, a drunkard will come up to the spot next to you, whip out their genitalia and take a piss right next to you. And yes, you’ll realise that the art of social grace is dying slowly.

Image source: Splendour in the Grass Facebook (Aimee Catt and Claudia Ciapocha)

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