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5 Pieces You Need For A Job Interview

‘Dress to impress’ is a mantra we so often chant en route to a Sunday avocado-based brunch or a special ‘just drinks’ date. But when it comes to the Monday morning of that long awaited job interview, after days and days of preparation in front of the mirror, the last thing we need is to stress over what to wear.

Whether you’ve been through years of undergrad study, a series of over-caffeinated and underpaid internships, or grinded at your trade for countless hours, here are no fail garments to help you avoid dressing like last season’s employee. Instead, you’ll be stepping into your job interview as confidently as you would a catwalk.

#1 Shoes You Can Walk In

Business is every bit about how much you can talk the talk as how much you can walk the walk. But before you whip out the 6-inch Jimmy Choo’s that would make Carrie Bradshaw swoon, think about how it may affect the first steps you take into the job – literally. So, if that means you put in a fresh set of laces into your New Balances for that graphic designer gig or shine up a pair of kitten-heels, put your best foot forward with shoes as comfortable as they are appropriate for the job.

#2 Tailored Black Pants

A dearly beloved, slimming staple that goes with just about everything. Tailored black pants instantly make anything look professional. Equal parts functional and creative, we urge you to tailor the garment to your own personal style – channel some 70’s vibes with a flared pair, or rock a completely corporate-chic form fitting set.

#3 The White Shirt

Now you don’t necessarily have to be a white-collar professional to rock the token white shirt to an interview. If worn crisp, pressed and as white and flashy as your winning smile, then your potential employer can’t help but think you’re an individual that knows how to keep things clean and professional. Also, depending on your industry, the white shirt is versatile enough to compliment any profession. Whip out the standard slim fit collared garment you save for special occasions, or jazz things up with an asymmetrical hemline, crazy bell sleeves or tasteful embroidering on the breast pocket.

#4 A Pop Of Personality

Patrick Bateman had the business card, Tom Cruise had his Ray-Ban sunnies and Anna Wintour has her signature bob – and whatever staple accessory is intrinsic to your look, sport it. You’re here to get this job as yourself and should manifest this in both your attitude and your attire. Of course, don’t blur the boundaries between professional and personal. So if hot pink hair or a sleeve tattoo is your thing, think of ways to make it a touch more understated for the hour. Besides, just like a first date, it’s better to give just a taste of who you are to leave them interested and wanting more.

#5 The Statement Piece

A job interview is your time to shine. That means bringing your resume, portfolio or winning attribute to the job as your statement piece. Whether that means curating your credentials like the Guggenheim gallery or presenting your work to an interview panel like a West End actor, think of the creative ways you can showcase all the reasons you deserve this job. With a perfectly executed, stand out statement piece, you’ll be a memorable candidate that leaves every LinkedIn applicant lost in the web.

Now go forth, impress your future employer and don’t forget to put ‘well dressed’ under the skills section of your resume.

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Image Source: Converse, Flaunter, Glamour, Pinterest, Vogue, Paul Wake Baker.

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