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5 Places To Volunteer Your Time For A Good Cause

For many people, volunteering doesn’t really sound like the most appealing prospect. But dedicating your free time doesn’t have to be a tiresome and negative experience. You may be surrounded by first world problems, but take a moment to remember that there are people on our own doorstep dealing with homelessness or not knowing when their next meal will be.

With more and more brands becoming socially conscious, volunteering is not only personally rewarding, but is a huge gold star on your resume and is a great way to meet new people and engage with your community. We need to consider what sort of footprint we are leaving on this Earth; what energy are you putting out, how are you giving back and what can you do to combat social inequality in your city?

So, we’ve collated some great places for you to volunteer. Don’t worry, you can catch up on Netflix later.

#1 Ozharvest

This amazing food rescue organisation collects excess food and gives it to those who need it most. You could help out by running breakfasts, lunches, dinners and cocktail events, helping out with office admin or promoting. They take new volunteers on a quarterly basis.

#2 Monika’s Doggie Rescue

Located in Ingleside, this organisation takes dogs from council pounds and aims to re-home as many cute puppers as possible. They are given a health checkup and then await their forever homes with wide eyes and bushy tails. The best part? They have a no kill policy, either they are re-homed or stay at the shelter for life. Now doesn’t that just make you feel good inside?

If you wanna get involved in the shelter there’s something to suit everyones level of commitment. Take the dogs out walking, participate in office duties or even be in charge of doggie feeding. Just think about all those grateful tails wagging at you.

#3 Dress For Success

Imagine this. You’re currently sleeping on the streets, moving every day with all your earthly possessions in a backpack. Do you think there would be anything in there to wear to a job interview, or when you get that job? Something to wear to a funeral or court appearance? Not likely. This amazing organisation helps women get on their feet by providing them with clothes to attend job interviews and furthermore, support on how to succeed in the interview and the workplace. Their clients come out of this process self-sufficient and in control of their lives once again.

You can directly help these women to be achieve success in the workplace through dressing, coaching, events and fundraising.

#4 Smith Family

The workers of this national, independent charity are just all round good folks. At the Smith Family, they are dedicated to helping break the cycle of disadvantage. They run a range of programs including education programs for youth. You can volunteer your time in your city as a career mentor, homework tutor, receptionist or call centre volunteer.


The YMCA was birthed in response to social challenges and aims to empower young people through their centres. Volunteering with YMCA would entail being a mentor, youth worker, instructor or educator and could make an incredible difference to the lives of young people.

Image Sources: OzHarvest, Pexels, Dress For Success, Smith Family, YMCA, Tumblr

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