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5 Most Quality New TV Shows Of 2016

Though they certainly weren’t watched on TV (thanks geo-blocking), this year was a mammoth time for TV shows. A revived passion for the shorter format has seen shows turn into blockbusters broken into 12-20 instalments. We’re certainly not complaining. Here’s the 5 most quality new tv shows of 2016 and fingers crossed for an epic second season of each.

#1 Westworld

The remake of a 70’s movie is all ethical dilemmas and stunning visuals. Imagine if your Sims you tortured and left to die in the pool or meet their maker awoke to their own consciousness. That’s Westworld in a nutshell. Not only is it wonderfully crafted it’s different, making every plot device unique in it’s grip. Dolores please.

#2 Atlanta

Don Glover, Childish Gambino, Troy, whatever persona you identify with him best he’s a true artist. Atlanta is no different, a gritty look at the city of the same name without resting upon stereotypes. It’s so great it’s been nominated for a Golden Globe or two and is on it’s way back for a second season. We were sad about Community coming to a close but this is a worthy fix of Gambino to keep you going.

#3 Stranger Things

It’s weird, it’s wonderful and oddly terrifying. A nostalgic wonder brought to life by the wunderkinds at Netflix, Stranger Things became an instant classic. Built for your binge watching pleasure, viewers were taken to a world of mystic undertakings, meddlesome kids and throwback outfit or two. Season 2 is set to be even more enchanting, but we still want Barb back.

#4 The Crown

For those at a loss post Downtown Abbey, The Crown is your answer. Another Netflix masterpiece saw the royal family’s early years depicted in earnest. If you’ve ever wanted to get to know Queen Lizzy a little better or perhaps understand her right hand man Prince Phillip, this is a peek into the varnished world of monarchy. The visuals are stunning, truly befitting of a royal series.

#5 The OA

Tipped as the next Stranger Things, this sci-fi drama is almost as befuddling. Orphan story meets multi-genre show, it’s hard to nail down where it fits. It’s dramatic fantasy come mythical science fiction. Whatever it is, it’s truly captivating. You’ll be nine episodes deep and begging for Season 2 in no time.

Image source: FX Networks.

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