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5 Quality Rooftop Bars in Canberra For Drinks

It’s been a complete scorcher so far this Summer in the nation’s capital, or “The Bush City” as some like to call it. And when you finish the 9-5 grind every day of the week, or your university classes for the day, sometimes the only thing you want is a bev. To cool your lips amidst this hot dry season. Here are some of the best rooftop bars in Canberra to grab a drink or many, for you and your mates and to catch some spectacular views while you’re at it.

#1 Aviary Rooftop

Great place to have a cold one and enjoy the sunset, just south of the city centre near Commonwealth Park, Aviary would have to take the throne of best rooftop bars in Canberra, with regular DJ nights bringing the beats. I mean, a bar ontop of shipping containers with spectacular views, you can’t go wrong.

#2 Highball Express

Did someone say Pina Coladas on tap? Yes, you heard quite correctly. Offering high quality drinks and yes, that’s right, Pina Coladas on tap. Please do try one, they’re amazing! In the middle of the city too, this place deserves a visit on your spontaneous night out.

#3 Little Brooklyn

An American twang fills each space of this winning bar in the ever popular Kingston. Filled with lounge worthy couches, tavern esque decor and a bustling crowd, this bar is a prime spot to down a drink or two. Get there early if you want to nab a seat or a stool.

#4 Walt & Burley

If wine is your specialty substance, then this place is your go to. It lies on the shores of the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin, so why not link your most needed conversation with lush lake views of Parliament House? 

#5 Lighthouse Waterfront Pub

The go to place for UC students located in Belconnen, it’s a local worth boasting about. This waterfront bar and restaurant offers a great view of Lake Ginninderra while sipping away on a beer or eating their specialty steaks and burgers. 

Image source: Urban Walkabout, This is Canberra, Lighthouse Waterfront Pub, Aviary. 

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