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5 Reasons Africa Should Be Your Next Continent To Travel 

Africa can be a daunting place to travel for some people. It’s a huge continent and many people have already made up their mind about this place before even visiting it. However, you won’t really understand the beauty that surrounds Africa unless you travel there. Bask in all its visual beauty of wildlife, experience its culture, travel alone, with friends and soak up the stunning continent. Here are five reasons why you should travel to Africa on your next getaway.

#1 Incredible African People

A continent made up of diverse tribes, various ethnic groups, and very less fortunate people. Yet, they are some of the friendliest, smiling and happy people you’ll come across. Men, women and children, that all smile and wave at you as if you are an old friend, lighting up their faces as soon as you wave back to them. People with a rich history and culture that will consume you. Coming to Africa to simply meet the people will leave you smiling profoundly.

#2 Landscapes And Outdoor Adventures

You are spoilt for choice in Africa with the abundance of game parks and mountain regions such as the Maluti mountains in Lesotho and Mt. Kenya. The charming white sands and reefs of Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania will take your breath away. There’s an extensive amount of wineries plotted along the coastline of South Africa and dry desert landscapes of Namibia to Victoria Falls. Ride horses along Mozambique’s beaches, climb Table Mountain in Cape Town, scuba dive off the reefs in Zanzibar or relax on the coastal town of Kilifi in Kenya. And don’t forget the desert escapes riding camels through Morocco and Egypt. You’re sure to be whisked away with the never-ending dramatic nature escapes to lose yourself in.

#3 An Abundance Of Animal Life

Ever dreamt about seeing rhinos, elephants, leopards, lions or gorillas up close? Well dreams can be reality, with exceptional game parks, offering a rich diversity of wildlife to be captivated by. Enjoy wildlife walks, tracking animals or driving to seek out Africa’s big five animals. Experience the exotic bird life and not to forget the whale sharks, great whites, seals, flamingos and marine life that surrounds the southern coasts. Animals of all kinds, big and small are dispersed all over Africa for you to discover.

#4 Underrated Travel Destination

Travelling around Africa has to be one of the most rewarding, experiential, amazing places. Yet the minimal number of tourists here and the fearful mentality of why people are not visiting Africa is astounding. This continent is underrated, yet once you visit this unique destination of the world you will fall in love with it. Don’t underestimate the fun, thrill and amazement waiting for you in this less discovered destination. The positive is the little number of tourists, allowing you to make your own thoughts on this place. I promise you will be wanting to come back again.

#5 Cheap Place To Travel

There are alternatives to getting around those expensive safaris and luxurious packages. Hiring a car and self-driving the game parks won’t break the bank. Opt to stay in reasonably priced hostels or go camping instead (staying outside the reserves will also cut the price down). Head across to Africa in low season when costs are half the price. Enjoy the many free outdoor activities of hiking or surfing that won’t cost a penny especially if you bring your own gear along. A meal for five bucks and liquor is a budget you can actually afford. If you organise your trip in an alternatively cheaper way, your money is bound to last for longer and you can still see raw Africa at its best.

Image Sources: Red Savannah Blog, Unsplash.

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