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5 Reasons Why You Should Backpack Through Australia

We live in a land so vast and so diverse, but often we forget how much our great country has to offer. When we finish high school, or uni, the first thing we think about is jetting overseas to tick off those bucket list items. Whether it be the summer tour through Europe or the adventurous treks through South America. So why not Australia? For many foreigners it’s a backpacker’s heaven; long desert highways, breathtaking beaches and spectacular sunsets. So if you’re in the midst of planning an extended getaway, forget booking a long haul flight, grab your car, pack your bags and get ready to experience everything this Great Southern Land has to offer.

#1 You Already Have The Accent And Slang Down Pat

The perks of being an Australian native, is that you already understand how this language operates. Whether you’re a city slicker or from the country, typical Australian slang is much easier to decode when you’re an actual Aussie. No need to pull out the phone translator, nor find a local to help get you by. You’ll be able to navigate the language all on your own.

#2 All The Comforts Of Home

Absolutely no need to change your phone sim card, exchange your dollars for euros or face driving on the other side of the road. The benefits of travelling within your own country are that you get the experience all the luxuries that you do on an everyday basis. Road signs and even typical local customs don’t tend to vary too much across the country. So all those foreign travel humps that you would usually face overseas, not even a slight worry.

#3 We Have One Diverse Land

You don’t need to head to Thailand for crystal blue waters or to Morocco to experience the desert. That’s not to say these countries don’t host incredible cultures and sites, but hey, Australia has it all with the borders of one land. Head to Adelaide to experience boutique shops and cute laneways and the Red Centre for of course is desert haven. Not only will you experience dry heats and breathtaking sunsets but the rich, culturally history of Aboriginal Australians. And the beaches, well you already know how great they are.

#4 There’s Something For Everyone’s Budget

Now when I say you should backpack through Australia, I don’t mean the whole country in one go. Not only would that be intense and probably exhausting, but also you would probably need a lot of funds to support that. The great thing with Australia is that you can pick and choose your destinations and your modes of transport. Travelling by car and road tripping the north east coast, with a little camping along the way, is a sure way to experience real Australian culture and country, minus the hefty fees of domestic flights and city accommodation. If you have a little extra to spend, you can travel from Darwin to Perth, flying between different cities, staying in hostels along the way. So whether you’re a down and dirty backpacker, or prefer a little luxury, there is something out their for you.

#5 The People You’ll Meet Along The Way

No need to fear, you won’t just meet Australian’s when you backpack through your homeland. Australia brings in such great numbers of tourism that you’re set to meet people from all across the world during your travels. Young Europeans and South Americans will often head for their own gap year travels and trust me, they will bring a new aspect to your travel if you hang with them along the way. Plus the great thing about meeting foreign backpackers, you get to boast and recommend the great things to do and see in the land down under.

Image Sources: Tourism Western Australia, Responsible Travel.

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