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5 Reasons Why We Missed Flight Facilities

Boy oh boy are these boys back.

A few years after their ARIA-nominated, gold certified LP, Down to Earth, the Flight Facilities lads (aka Hugo and Jimmy) have released three singles – first came Arty Boy (that made the Triple J Hottest 100 this year), then the all-star Stranded and now the modern-disco/funk of Need You.

Building on what was one of the best debut albums of all time by an Australian act, FF are on track for a bumper year with a huge national tour just announced, and sets across Groovin The Moo as well. There is absolutely no denying that we have missed the entertaining videos and funky, electro sounds. So here are five reasons why we are so pumped about their comeback.

#1 Home Grown

From the outside, they seem like your atypical jet setting men of leisure. They travel the globe, playing to huge crowds at festivals and ticketed shows. But they have never been that on stage enigma. They really are just two DJ kids from down under. Just like the song title says, you could even say they are pretty Down To Earth gents.. we’ll see ourselves out.

#2 Music For Everyone

There tunes span across decades and genres. Soul and funk is very welcomed across a majority of their tunes with a particular shoutout to Sunshine, where as more mellow and futuristic sounds can be found in tunes like Claire De Lune. They produce such a wide range of music, and they have really delivered the goods again with their new release. F

#3 Twitter Gold

The boys have got personality (or at least their social media team does.) You can always keep up to date with their new happenings thanks to Twitter (@flightfac), and you get to read at great leisure too. From first world problems, memes and daily struggles, honestly you could spend hours on their purely for procrastination-worthy LOLs. You’ve been warned.

#4 Pure Entertainment

Their shows take on you on a little journey. Of course the music is gonna’ make your hips move, but the intro and storyline throughout is pure gold. Two pilots, introduce you to a set that transports you to a musical haven. They are invective with their branding and it makes, you as an audience enticed to watch, listen and even jump on stage with them.

They’ve set a high benchmark and it looks like their Return Flight branded national tour coming up will be a very special spectacle, as well. Balls in your court lads..

#5 They’re Inspiring

Just like most other DJs they started mixing other peoples tracks, turning them into sets that you could listen to online. They then branched out, started producing their own music and their success shot up from there. Their music career is not one to envy but a relatable one. It makes you stop and think, ‘Hey, if I follow my passions too, maybe I could be just as successful as these guys’. What a bloody inspirational pair of gents, salute boys and see ‘ya on tour.

Image Sources: Division Agency, Noise11, XLR8R

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