5 Reasons Why People Reckon Leaving Neverland Was A Load Of BS

This case gets more and more controversial.

The enduring legacy of Michael Jackson is comprised by both his musical ingenuity, as well as the mounting scepticism that he was a deeply disturbed and abusive man. Earlier in the year, we saw Wade Robson and James Safechuck breathe new life into the enduring case of MJ; the Leaving Neverland documentary revealing new evidence and testimony that Jackson had allegedly sexually abused two young children for a number of years.

In response to HBO’s airing of the docuseries, the Michael Jackson estate promptly lodged a lawsuit against the US network (on the basis that the film breaches a 27 year old agreement). Rather than following the normal processes in open court, the estate demanded the case be put before the American Arbitration Association. This motion has since been denied.

HBO gained a win over the Michael Jackson estate (which has been increasingly criticised for wanting to project their own publicity campaign against Leaving Neverland). Whilst the case seems to be growing perpetually more complicated, people are taking to Twitter to express at what point they called ‘bullshit’ over Leaving Neverland. 

#1 Lies To Suit A False Narrative

#2 The Leaving Neverland Soundtrack

#3 Wade Robson’s Initial Admission

#4 Evidence Out Of Context

#5 Manufacturing Of Stories

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