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5 Reasons Why You Need To Nap More (& Excuses To Tell Your Boss)

Who doesn’t like a good afternoon power nap? It’s no doubt they’re a great excuse to zone out for a bit, as long as you return to work (eventually) you’ll be feeling recharged and ready to go.

Sure, sleeping on the job is a bit of a taboo, so, we’ve done the research for you. Here are a few subtle tips that might just convince  your boss to let you have daily power naps in the office, or at least convince yourself to take a few more frequent naps.

#1 You’re Going To Get Way Healthier (AKA Fewer Sick Days)

Sleeping more means your immunity system is going to kick ass. Sleep deprivation is a major underlying cause of many illnesses, including diabetes and the common cold. It has also been linked to an increased release of cortisol (AKA, the stress hormone) and ya’ don’t need that. Catching up with a quick afternoon power nap can help your bod to fight off these viruses and help to produce serotonin (AKA the happy hormone), which means fewer sick days and a stress-free you (take that, boss man).

#2 You’ll Remember A Lot More Shit

Another great reason to tell your boss, and who doesn’t want a kick-ass memory? Good news is taking a quick power nap also boosts your cognitive brain function, meaning you can remember that hot new flirt’s phone number (maybe not, but you get the gist). No goldfish memories hanging around here thanks.

#3 Happier Mood (Especially When Paired With A Good Feed)

I’m sure we’re all VERY aware of that grumpy mood we can all get in before we crawl into bed at the end of a long day. A quick power nap can help to put you in a better mood (unless of course you wake up on the wrong side of the bed) and reduce stress. Even better when paired with a good feed (and a cheeky beer). There’ll be no complaints here.

#4 You’ll Be Fit AF

Fun fact: sleep is the second factor (to food) that contributes to regular hormones and maintaining a healthy weight. Catching up on those extra Z’s will help you to be well balanced, motivated and soon have you killing it in the gym. Foolproof.

#5 It Only Takes 20 Minutes Of Your (Work) Day

Studies have shown that 20 minutes is the perfect nap time, allowing your brain to quickly recharge and kickstart your mind. Give yourself a couple of minutes to wake up fully post-nap to avoid that groggy feeling. A perfect alternative to a caffeine fix, your back pocket and gut will love you for.

Next time you’re suffering writers block or just not feeling it, kick back, relax, and have a quick, sneaky nap. It may take a bit of selling to convince the boss, but it’ll be hella worth it.

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