5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Only Date Your ‘Matched’ Star Sign

Choose your OWN destiny.

How many of us will stalk a potential bae online to discover their star sign before going on a date? I know I do. There are certain zodiac combinations that are said to work better than others. In fact, each zodiac / star sign has a select few it’s supposed to reach peak compatibility with.

But does this mean we always have to date within our perfect zodiac matches? Hell no. And although there might be as much dating going on right now, here’s why you should choose your own destiny.

#1 Your Star Sign Isn’t The Full Story

Co-Star fanatic or not, there’s so much more to who you are than your sun sign. This means that deciding who you want to date based purely on sun sign compatibility is a shaky idea. If you are somebody (like me) who likes to consider a person’s astrology before dating them – or at least before getting serious – you need to examine their entire birth chart, rather than focusing purely on where the sun was at when they were born. Good luck trying to work their exact time of birth into the conversation.

While astrology shouldn’t necessarily be used as a “yes”/”no” tool for compatibility, it may offer hints and guidance as to the dynamics and challenges of a potential relationship.

#2 You Should Date Someone You Chose Yourself

If a stranger randomly suggested that someone was perfect for you, without knowing a thing about you, would you listen? Why then, would you date/marry someone the sky chose? Sure, dating somebody whose zodiac fits comfortably with yours can be smooth sailing, but it’s not the be all and end all.

#3 There Are More Urgent Factors To Consider

Even as a die-hard Astrology GirlTM, I acknowledge there may be certain other factors to consider when you start dating someone before you look at their star sign. Are their values compatible with yours? Do you both want the same things? There’s a lot more at stake than the zodiac.

While this is obvious dating strategy, I’ve met people who have legit stopped dating people because they were worried about common tendencies and traits associated with their partner’s sign. Don’t let the sign intrigue get too deep.

#4 Dating Someone Who Challenges You Has Its Perks

Some astrological ‘dream partnerships’ are based on similarities, while others are based on opposites attracting. Either way, these matches generally indicate smooth sailing. But dating someone you’re quite incompatible with can be an important learning curve – and if you’re both willing to really work at it, astrologically challenging relationships can be hugely successful.

#5 What If . . . Your ‘Matched’ Star Sign Is An Earth Sign? Yuck

If your potential bae is an earth sign, then forget everything above. You’re doomed.

Regardless of what astrology recommends, take it from me that you should never go there with an Earth sign. If you believe in self-care, you’ll ditch your Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus bae in favour of a decent human being. It’s nothing personal though, swear.

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