5 Reasons Your Relationship With Your Siblings Gets Better With Age

Speaking from experience, growing up meant telling on your siblings approximately 16 times a day, deliberately teasing them and pushing their buttons in any way that you could. Now, as you come of age, dynamics have changed and actually, you start to appreciate the hell out of your sibs. The older (and more mature) you get, the more you find that your siblings have probably become more of a best friend to you, and the relationship is the best.

#1 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

You’re not just a flight of stairs or a doorway away from each other anymore. You now have to make that effort to talk to one another in order to maintain and grow your relationship. And as hard as it sounds, when you get older, you’ll start to miss the arguments or random nights in front of the telly watching stupid af shows. This makes all the time you do get to spend together even better, especially family occasions like Christmas and Birthdays.

#2 You Realise They Have Your Back

You’ll soon realise that your siblings have always had your back and you theirs. We don’t realise it when we’re younger, but rest assured, they’ve got you now. Whatever crazy situations you may get yourself into whether it be when you’re travelling together or when you really need some advice on a shitty breakup, they’ve got ya. Sometimes they can get super protective, and at the time it can seem majorly OTT, but trust me, you’ll thank them in the end.

#3 You Experience More Situations Together

You go through some hardships during the transition into becoming an adult and your sibling is going to experience exactly the same. At these points, you’re able to help each other out which brings your bond even closer. Whether it’s failing a subject or struggling to find a job, they’ve most likely been there themselves so can give you some brotherly or sisterly advice on how to tackle things. You know each other the best so you can relate to and appreciate one another on a much deeper level than when you were growing up.

#4 Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

When you were kids, you definitely fake cried far too much and blamed your siblings for everything. Arguments were in a class of their own. Now, you realise your siblings are a valuable af asset in dealing with your parents. Whether you got an awful mark in your end of terms, or accidentally crashed your car, you now know they will 100% be there to help you break it to your ‘rents in the best possible way. Instead of playing the blame game, you’re now playing for the same team. And boy, is it a million times better.

#5 The Age Gap Becomes Irrelevant

The age gap between me and my oldest brother is 7 years. We therefore, growing up, had absolutely zilch in common. He was going out drinking at 18 whilst I was starting high school. Now, however, the age gap is pretty irrelevant. Although you’ll probably still be in different stages of your lives, as you’re both ‘of age’ you can now enjoy the same activities (aka the pub) and are both passing all the same milestones. There’s way more to relate to now compared to 15 years ago when the only thing you agreed on was watching The Wiggles.

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