5 Ripper Fundraiser Ideas To Do Your Bit During Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

Turn feeling helpless into being actually helpFULL!

It’s totally normal (and expected) to feel completely helpless in the midst of Australia’s bushfire crisis.

But if there is one positive we can take from this disaster is the way people from around the country and the world are rallying together to support those on the front-line. How good are people?

And whether you want to give money or goods, there are many organisations and charities that have already collected donations valued in the millions.

But if you want to host your own fundraiser – more than a Facebook donation button – the world is your oyster. However, there are restrictions on using RFS and official organisations’ logos, so make sure you get in contact and get authorisation before you use them.

If you’re stumped for ideas, we’ve come up with some goodies, no credit required.

Host A Garage Sale.

Fundraising potential: ???

Effort: ?

Popularity: ????????

With so many of us trying to clear out our homes and live a more ‘minimalist’ life, a garage sale (or swap-meet) is a perfect way to do give unwanted items a new home and raise money for a worthy cause.

Rummage through your wardrobe. Stack up those dusty books. Get right to the back of your cupboards and draws. Pull out all of the knick-knacks. And put on your finest op-shop volunteer hat, figure out a labelling and pricing system, and you are good to go.

Make an even bigger impact by getting your friends and family involved; even your neighbours. Imagine the money that can be raised by an entire apartment floor? An apartment block? Or a street?

Set the date a little in advance to give everyone time to prep and start marketing this bad boy ASAP – we love an old-school flyer and a Facebook event invite (Gumtree is a good call too).

A Movie Marathon.

Fundraising Potential: ???

Effort: ??

Popularity: ??????

Another oldie but a goodie.

With varying levels of effort, this one is an oldie but a goodie.

You can go from almost zero effort: a night-in with your mates, donating to the cause what you would spend on a night out. To one hundred: a night at the local cinema.

Get in contact and see what you can do – from Disney princess to horror, Marvel to rom-com, musicals to Star Wars. 

Plan A Concert With Local Bands.

Fundraising Potential: ????

Effort: ???

Popularity: ????????

Everyone loves music. And when we’re in times of crisis, music is the perfect way to bring people together and boost morale. I mean, some of the best fundraisers have been concerts (hello, Live Aid).

Why not do two great things at once: support local acts, and support the firies and bushfire victims?

This one takes a decent chunk of organising – and possibly (probably) a bit of money to get off the ground. But if you find the right people to partner with, it’ll be 100% worth it in the end.

You don’t even need to do it in a proper ‘venue’. All you need is space (like a big backyard) and you’re off. Book some equipment (sound and lighting gear is probs more essential than big staging rig). Artists. A way to sell and count tickets. And food and drinks (for the DIY-er). Sorted.

Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Charitable Hustle

Fundraising Potential: ???

Effort: ?? (it depends)

Popularity: ??????

Whatever it is: dog walking, making scrunchies, painting, cake-baking, photography, busking, WHATEVER.

Take what profits you would make and put a percentage (or all of them, if you can) toward the cause.

If you let people know that any of their money will be going towards charity, it’s likely they will be willing to spend more, do free promo, and (possibly) come back for more.

Food Always Wins.

Fundraising Potential: ???

Effort: ?.5

Popularity: ????????

There’s a reason why Bunnings sausage sizzles are the shit, and why so many of us vote solely for the Democracy sausage prize. Food sales work.

Whether it’s baked goods, pancakes, a roast, bacon and eggs, or a sausage sizzle, you can’t go wrong with a food sale. And everyone loves to get involved both in the cooking and the eating.

Even if you set up an old-school drinks stand, or, a modern twist, a Zooper Dooper stand for icy relief on a hot summer day (just remember your sunscreen).

And, if you wanted to, you could reach out to local businesses to donate some goodies.

It just might surprise you how quickly people will get behind a worthy cause. You just need to reach out.

Image Sources: Giphy, Twitter (@debbie_OO7, @AusAmb_DE)

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