5 Sad Confirmations That You’ve Been Ghosted

Who else has had to look up what this infamous ‘ghosted’ term meant? While it appears that our dating antics have taken another dire twist, ghosting has actually been around forever. Essentially the definition (if you didn’t already know) is cutting off contact with someone you’ve been seeing with no prior warning or explanation. And this is when we all realise we’re awful and have done this on one or more occasions. If you have a feeling that your date has pulled a fast one and ghosted you, here are the signs that you’re probably right.

They Bail On Plans

Well, yeah this is pretty standard with the whole ghosting concept. You’ll shoot them a text asking if your plans for a few drinks are still happening tomorrow night. But rather than sending a casual response saying yay or nay, all you’ll hear is radio silence. You’ll probably wonder if you did anything wrong or said something a little off kilter to upset them, but nope. They’re just ditching you.

You’re Always The One To Talk First

Take the time to look back over your messages and see if there’s a common theme. If you’re being ghosted, said message theme will probably look like you’re keen to gab to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, their side of the conversation will barely be existent, and when it is, it’s half-assed. Most of the time you’ll be the one to message first. Go ahead and see what happens when you stop putting effort into the conversation.

“Life’s Just Been, Like.. Super Hectic, You Know?”

This’ll be thrown out there after days of them being completely MIA. While you were waiting to hear from them, disappointment set in and the hope for something with them would’ve started to disappear. Getting this text may reignite some of the spark you felt, but let’s face it; this excuse should be taken with a grain of salt. We’re all busy people, and if they wanted to see you, they would’ve made it happen. Even if it was something as short and sweet as a thirty-minute coffee break with you.

They’re Super Active On Social Media, But Don’t Give You The Light Of Day

Ah, read receipts and the last active features are the bane of our existence when it comes to stuff like this. While we want to remain strong, we’re all natural born stalkers. Before we know it, we’re checking the time that we messaged and are comparing it to the time they were last active on Facebook. Not to mention having a stalk of their Instagram and Snapchat to see if they’ve updated their story. And yes, they’re out partying. If this has been going on for a few days then you’ve probably been ghosted. Good luck navigating your way through that mental minefield.

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