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5 Seafood Recipes You Need To Whip Up Yourself

85% of Aussies enjoy a little surf without the turf on the regular, but often we don’t think about the impact our taste for the flaky goodness has on the environment. At that rate, 27.3kg of seafood per person a year is consumed, making a quite obvious case for being a little more responsible before buying up on fishy treats. Don’t we owe it to Nemo, Dory and co. to make the most eco friendly choice when disobeying the “fish are friends not food” rule so defiantly? No one is eating tropical fish from the Great Barrier Reef don’t you worry – but you get my point.

Being decisive is hard enough, never lone making sense of the web of ticks and health ratings adorning ever food label nowadays; we’re here to help. So courtesy of a couple of Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules alumni, we’ve got five recipes that will leave you with a scrumptious dish and a sustainable tick, from Andy Allen and Scott Gooding.

Before you start crafting these works of edible art, up your supermarket savvy by look for the blue when you’re stocking up on seafood, that means it’s MSC certified. Otherwise your evening meal of protein may be imported from abroad or that can of tuna not caught wild, which in the long run is sure to leave a bad taste in the mouths of seafood deprived generations beyond our own. Andy agrees, “Seafood plays a big role in my cooking, so it’s important to me to choose it from the best source possible. The easiest way to do that is by looking for the blue MSC label.”

#1 Seared Tuna Salad With Young Coconut

With poke bowls being the food of the moment, it’s no wonder there’s been a growing fever for Japanese style servings of fish. This seared tuna masterpiece is bursting with fresh chilli, coriander, lime and coconut flavours, so you can satisfy those summer cravings all through winter, one mouthful at a time. I’ll bet Matt’s cravat you’ll love this dish.

#2 Hoki In Coconut Broth

The kiwis sure do know how to serve up a delicious slice and their MSC approved Hoki is no exception. Health aficionado and My Kitchen Rules chef Scott Gooding, has made the seafood treasure the crowning jewel of a steaming hot bowl of brothy goodness. Lemongrass cuts with coconut flavours and a vegetable or two thrown in for good measure, making for a soul warming meal without any of the faux pas’ of fish curries served en masse.

#3 Chargrilled Skull Island Tiger Prawns

Is there anything more quintessential to the Australian summer than the BBQ and prawns? Peeling away the layers or sitting fireside as your dinner cooks away beside you. Well don’t let the cool change or your new sustainable mindset hold you back. Andy Allen has prepared a recipe with the hero component, Skull Island tiger prawns, that’s produce served extra large straight from the waters of the Northern Territory. And he throws it all together with an avocado mousse, which let’s be real, you’ll be eating by the spoonful and it’s unlikely to even make it to the plate.

#4 Sicilian Fish Soup

Perhaps you’re not off to soak up the Italian sun this July like a whole bunch of your friends? Fret not, you can get a little taste of the European rays right here. This soup ain’t like other soups, it’s not stodgy or tasteless, nor does it come in a sad looking can. Instead this Sicilian fish soup is a amalgamation of olives, MSC ling fillets, kale and rich tomato flavours. Chef Gooding notes, “Seafood plays such an important part in our diet as a clean, sustainable protein.” And slurping this soup for lunch or dinner through the winter is sure to have you sneaking a little extra protein into your diet without you even noticing. Just like a Sicilian mama makes it!

#5 Hawaiian Poke

Don’t pay top dollar for a poke bowl when you can whip it up yourself without hassle, this healthy fusion food is sure to win friends too. One of the only friend winning salads of it’s kind, take that Homer Simpson. Pick your spice level, dice that MSC approved yellowfin tuna and you’re on your way to a dish that will become part of your weekly eating rotation. It’s as close to Hawaii as you can without quitting your job.

Image source: Scott Gooding Project, MSC Sustainable Seafood Day. 

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