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5 Short Courses to Reignite Your Thirst For Life

We’ve all been at the end of those disenchanting weeks that make us question what life’s really all about. For those working the full time bump and grind, it’s hard to keep your eye on the prize and head in your game when all you are thinking about is the weekend.

“TGIF” should under no circumstances be part of the repertoire of the inspired modern professional, so if you’ve found yourself dreading Monday mornings, perhaps a change is in order.

That change doesn’t necessarily have to be a new job, a new role or even a new hobby, but it does serve the spirit well to try something new once in a while. To unleash your inner creative, try one of the following short courses that could help you get in a better head space and get your juices flowing again.

Circus Course

Live your wildest dreams and try your hand at some circus stunts. There’s juggling, trapeze, aerials, parkour and clown school courses that can transform us mere mortals into talented performers. Circus acts not only put yourself out of your comfort zone physically, but a lot of them are about concentration, dedication and facing your fears.

Some website to flutter the heart strings:






This one may not be that out there in concept, but so many people undermine the what just a couple of acting classes can do for your psyche. First of all, it teaches you to lose your inhibitions. Do you find it difficult to speak up in meetings because you’re worried what people might say? Try literally having a tantrum as if you are a newborn chimpanzee in front of a room full of strangers. The point is to strip back all self-consciousness. Secondly, it teaches you about empathy. Being more in tune with yourself, your character and your scene partner can completely transform how you physically and emotionally interact with others.

Some website to spark your fancy:



Tattoo Illustration

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This is one out there for the designers, artists and visually inclined that may be hitting a wall. Brand logo’s, posters and Photoshop can get boring. But, here’s a new way to get your art out there. Tattoo illustration allows you to connect with your wildest, most creative ideas and hash that idea out with others. Although this may be a part of your regular job, at least you’re more likely to be working with pirate ships than bank emblems.

Some websites to sharpen your pencil:



Booze Masterclasses

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How many times have you seen an advertisement for a “cocktail making class?” Did you go? No, you didn’t, because they’re lame. Shaking dry strawberries in plastic shakers is boring and does not quite make you feel like Tom Cruise. If you want to do something that you will actually get some useful and fun information out of, go to a masterclass or even just a distillery/ brewery tour. Alcohol has really shaped the world, so you can learn history, the craftsmanship, diversity of profiles and exciting new ways to enjoy your poison.

Some websites to tickle your taste buds:




It sounds like a high school subject, but you can still apply the idea in your adult life. If character development or vector line aren’t quite your thing, and you like to do things with your hands, welding might be your dark horse. Many classes allow you to bring broken objects from home or teach you new skills with new materials. Perfect for the DIY challenged and budding home renovators.

Some websites to light your torch:



Image Sources: Circus Arts, Nida.

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