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5 Signs You Probably Hate Your Job And Definitely Need A Change

It’s funny these days. You go to high school, get pressured to get a good ATAR/final mark, get pressured to get into a good uni/college. Then you do that, get a degree (somehow) and get pressured into finding a good job. You also manage to then find a company that’ll pay you to work for them (what life is this).

But what happens when you’ve spent the best part of your life so far to get to where you are today, only to truly dislike what you do for a living?

It’s probably a lot more common than you think, and there are some tell-all signs that you may need to change up your career.

#1 Your Office Or Workplace Literally Makes You Feel Unhappy

You know that feeling? When you walk into the office or workplace and just feel a mild depression coming on? Almost like it’s a place where dreams come to die? Yeah, me too. Not only is that feeling extremely negative, but you’re probably spending a lot of time in that space. So in actuality you’re spending the vast majority of your week in a place that makes you feel terrible without even doing work. Add on a below average job itself, and it sounds like a proper nightmare.

#2 Venting About Work To Your Mates Is A Regular Thing

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Whether you’re catching up over dinner, at a party or wherever else, work is a natural thing to come up in conversation. However, if you find yourself consistently and proactively reaching out to friends to vent about your work situation or job, well sound the alarms. It should be especially concerning if the frustration lies with what you actually do day-to-day or the fact that you really can’t progress much. It’s probably time to reflect on whether these vents are more regular than you think – and if they are, it’s time to start looking for a new position.

Let’s be real, you and your mates have way more important things to discuss.

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#3 Talking About Work In Any Capacity Outside Of Work Is An Absolute No-No

With the above said, and while I definitely am not here to say that work chat should follow you around, are you proud of what you do? Of your progress? Of your prospects? Does your work make you excited? Are you passionate about it? If so, you should be able to talk about it with at least some bits of encouragement and enthusiasm if you’re really getting a lot out of it.

If you absolutely ban work chat from anywhere but the office, the odds suggest you will probably do anything to get away from it. And when you don’t even want to speak about it in any capacity, there’s probably a larger problem at hand.

#4 You Live For Fridays And Get Plastered Every Weekend

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We all love our Fridays, and I’m sure a night on the town every now and then. But if you get to work early in the week and are already counting down to Friday that’s not the best sign. Friday is a nice end of week milestone, but you shouldn’t live for after work bevs come 5pm (at least not every single week). Even worse perhaps when you couple that up with regular benders on the weekend.

There’s probably a slightly deeper problem there, especially if your regular outings are just an excuse to drink away your problems from the week that was.

#5 That Weekly Wine Or Whisky Becomes More A Daily Ritual

Boy oh boy I do love a sneaky drop of red every now and then, so this is a tough one. The question to ask is are you so tired/frustrated/stressed/unhappy at work that you end up indulging more? A nice wine or smoothy whisky can sometimes be a comforting friend after a long day, sure. But is it a one off or has it become an almost-daily habit? If it’s becoming more and more regular, your stress levels might be a tad high, and not only is stress + alcohol a toxic combination, your career and work really shouldn’t be doing that to you.

You’ve got a lot more potential than you think, and deserve a job that makes you feel loved, inspired and excited. So stop hating your current role and go find the one you want!

Are you seriously just not loving your job at the moment? The subtle signs might be there, so don’t waste your time slaving away and change things up. Our mates at BENCHMARQUE put you into fab, exciting and career-worthy hospitality jobs that are super worthwhile. Click here to find out more, or fill out the form below with your interests and the guys will be in touch with all of the career jobs for you super soon!

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