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5 Signs That You Suck At Taking Your Own Advice

NO…. but actually yes.

Giving advice can seem a lot easier than taking it. There’s always that designated advice giver in any friendship group. It’s pretty easy to spot. Do you constantly find yourself acting as a shoulder to cry on, personal stylist, life coach or career advisor. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s a tale as old as time. Unfortunately this means you probably suck at taking your own advice and are THAT designated advice giver friend. 

You might have them fooled but you probably know better. So let’s dive into this list of signs and see if you really do suck at taking your own advice.  

#1 You Haven’t Mastered The Art Of Saying No

Have you found yourself RSVP’ing to plans you don’t want to go to? Or maybe you get stuck talking about your friends latest drama when you’ve got that major assignment due, well now?! Whatever the situation is you know this could’ve all been avoided if you learnt how to say the shortest, most effective word in the English language – NO.

There is a difference between being rude and being true to yourself. Deep down we all know when we are overcommitting ourselves. Prioritising others when you really shouldn’t, just because you can’t those two magical letters, is a major sign you should start listening to yourself more.

#2 Making To-Do Lists Has Become A Hobby

To do lists are a great way to organise yourself. But they are only effective if you stick to them. If you enjoy spending your time colour co-ordinating, writing and then rewriting dozens of to-do lists… then Houston, we have a problem.

A clear list of tasks with rough deadlines is a simple but efficient way to plan your goals. When making ‘plans’ or lists becomes a time consuming activity in itself you should probably rethink that whole process. Do you srsly need each task organised into a coded system? In reality to do lists have probably become a great way for you to feel like you are on your way to achieving goals without taking any action.  

So you know what you need to do, when it needs to be done and usually have the ability to make this happen…yet you’re writing another list? All signs are pointing towards you suck at taking your own advice. #notsorry. 

#3 Ruts Are Common

Some people find it harder than others to take risks. This is understandable as it’s usually impossible to know for sure what the outcome could be. However while risks are scary, they are a necessity in order to progress and avoid finding yourself in that rut again. 

So you constantly take minimal risks and find yourself in ruts on a regular basis? I can only assume how very bored you must be from playing it TOO safe. Live a little.

A fear of making any risky moves could stem from a lack of trust in your own judgement. If this is the case it could be a major sign that you aren’t listening to your own advice. But with this one at least it gives you some insight into why. The next step from here would be to assess why you don’t trust yourself.

#4 Procrastination Is Your Best Friend

Procrastination is something we are all familiar with. Putting off difficult tasks is only human! Like that major assignment.  But there a comes a line between what’s normal and what could be an issue. 

Have you ever enjoyed something but found yourself not in the mood to complete it? Just simply, well, because? If this is a common habit of yours, even when the task is meant to be fun or quick lived, then congrats you’ve mastered procrastination. Or just laziness. One of the two. 

#5 You Don’t Listen To Your Gut

Ever felt like you go against your better judgement? You know the situation seems dodgy or is more trouble than it’s worth yet. Yet, for some reason you go ahead with it anyway. Not only is this a bad idea, it’s also a major warning sign that you need to re-evaluate how you make your decisions. So try to keep this vice to a min. If you’re arguing with that little voice in your head that assures you it’s time to say no – you suck at taking your own advice.

Here’s to the hope that you didn’t say yes to everything, but if you did… welcome to the club.

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