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5 Simple Fashion Hacks For Your Next Festival

Oh lawdy, as we grab that last drip of summer in the air, festival season continues to power on through autumn and we’re not even close to being mad about it. Groovin The Moo is right around the corner, with the juggernaut that is Splendour In The Grass closely behind (with the likes of Kendrick, Arctic Monkeys and Skrillex on the rumour mill…)

But with the slightly cooler temps requires some smarter fashion game (don’t pretend like you don’t care.) Do you go with layers? Do you risk taking a jacket even though you might have to carry it around all day? Do you just yolo it and rock the aesthetic look, knowing you might cop all of the breeze and late night chills? These are the real questions, and we’re hooking your fine-selves up with the answers.

#1 Simple Accessories Are Key

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Maybe you have a dress, shirt, overalls or a little look that you’ve set up well in advance purely for your next festival appearance (anyone? Just me?) You know, that $12 steal you got at Vinnies that is absolutely made for frolicking around all day in? Well sometimes it’s just all about accessory game to compliment your no doubt already fabulous look.

Think about a threaded Macrame bag to spice up your dress, a loose (and damn cheap) black and gold choker to couple basically any top, or slightly bigger and more flashy earrings than your studs – that say a bit more party, and less cute date night (not that I have any cute dates on the reg anyways..)

#2 Colour Coordination Is A Thing

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Mixing up your colours is definitely welcome (see #4), but matching up some simple colour coordination can be pretty effortless and statement-worthy. One of my own personal faves is matching my burgundy skirt with a burgundy wool felt hat. It’s subtle, matching colours look good and honestly it didn’t take heaps of effort or time which is always a win.

So just think about what works for you, what colours you like, and how you can match little parts of your outfit together with simple colours (black tops and shoes is a pretty simple mix, and often means purchases that you can use for multiple outings.)

#3 Summer Dresses Will Always Be Your Friend

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I actually am yet to meet someone who doesn’t like a good, light, fun, summer dress. It’s just everything you could want wrapped up in one perfect little piece of goodness. From floral delights, to more relaxed beige colours and patterns, there’s literally something for everyone.

The beauty of the summer dress is that it’s often quite light in fabric, and you have the full leg options, or shorter skirt options; so plenty of variety for ya’ll who want all of the choices. Couple them up with boots for a staple look, or heck even chuck some Stan Smith’s, Converse or general sneakers with it for a more casual vibe. Impossible to go wrong.


#4 Patterns On Chill Colours

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If you love a good pattern, think about complimenting it with a chill colour. You might have seen or heard about pattern on pattern being a thing, and it definitely can work at times. But if you want something fun, yet less in-your-face, go half-half. For instance, you might grab a yellow floral crop top and match that with a plain blue denim or black leather skirt, heck even white skinny pants.

It’ll still let you have that expression in the pattern top or bottom, but make it less loud with a more relaxed colour balance. My wardrobe is made up of about 70% black clothing, but I do love the odd pattern. So I’ll often throw a bright coloured top on top of a simple black skirt, pant or jean. Best of both worlds, thanks Miley.

#5 Wear Stuff You Are Comfortable In Please

Look, at the end of the day you can read heaps of tips, talk to the besties for days about what to wear, but ultimately go with what you feel good in. Whether that’s an old band tee and jeans, summer dress and hat combo – only you know what feels right. We all want to look good, but it ultimately comes down to what you feel confident in, as well as what colours, styles and patterns work with who you are.

Don’t try and force a look or trend, you know your style and body better than anyone, so you do you, friend.

Heading to Groovin or another fab festival anytime soon? Well our buds at Showpo have got all of your Insta-worthy festival looks sorted. Whether it’s a completely new little outfit, some cheeky little accessories, or even just a heap of glitter cause when else do you actually need it? Check out their fab new range of festival must haves, that’ll have your look on point without breaking the (pretty much non-existent) bank.

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