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5 Simple Ways To Kick A Nasty Cold

Moving from Winter to Spring is a hotspot time period for a cold to hit. While we may get a day off of work or school, a cold can leave you feeling totally exhausted and over it. If you’re on your last limbs, follow these tips, supported by gifs of Ferris Bueller, to combat your cold.

#1 Hydration is Key

Hydrating will be your best friend during a cold. Whilst you can’t stop a cold immediately, drinking a whole lot of water and sipping on some herbal teas will help to flush the toxins out of your body which may aid in relieving cold symptoms earlier. Keep a water bottle at your side at all times and keep on sippin’. Your body will thank you.

#2 Rest Up And Sleep

Here’s that excuse you needed to spend a whole day or two in bed. Resting your body will allow the immune system to spend some good time combatting infections. Take a lot of naps and go to bed early. Let those little cells fight that cold.

#3 Load Up On Vitamins

Getting sufficient vitamins and minerals whilst sick is necessary for the immune system to fight off a cold. Vitamins such as zinc are really effective in reducing the length of a cold due to its ability to fight infection. It’s also worth getting 15-20 minutes in the sun or taking a supplement for Vitamin D. If you’re not sure what vitamins to take, head to your GP or natural medicine professional to know what’s best for you.

#4 Make It Steamy

If you’re suffering from stuffy nose syndrome and sinus congestion, steam is your best option. Have a hot shower, put your face over a bowl with hot water or crack out your humidifier in order to get some warm steam up those nasal passages. For an extra kick, add some essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender. A bit of essential oil spice will clear the sinuses like a gem.

#5 Take An Over-The-Counter Medication

If you don’t mind taking something from a chemist, a cold and flu tablet can really help with the effects of a cold. Every one reacts differently to medication so ensure you consult a trusted medical professional to make sure what you are taking is ok for you!

Don’t forget binge-watching movies and TV. It’s not scientifically proven to combat a cold but it just may help you get through a few sick days.

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