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5 Social Sports That Will Make You Want To Exercise Each Week

So you want to exercise regularly, but also socialise with your pals as well? If you just said a big “hell yeah!”, then this post is for you. From mixed netball to lawn bowls, to Oz Tag and more, here are the social sports that you and your mates need to sign up for. Hint – you’ll probably want to sign up to all of these, as they each have some incredible health benefits.

#1 Mixed Netball

This is a fantastic social competition that is designed for both men and women, no matter their skill level. With options to play either indoor or outdoor, a mixed netball game is a great way to get fit, and to bond with your team mates. It’s also an excellent way to improve coordination skills, and learn to work as a team. So, all you need to do now is decide who is going to play what position – we recommend picking someone relatively tall to defend and shoot the goals.

#2 Oz Tag

Oz Tag football is the latest craze in recreational sport, and now has competitions running all over the country. It’s a non-contact sport, so think league but without the tackling. It’s definitely something that anyone can get involved in. It’s a fast game that will have you and your team mates on your toes, and encourages a lot of interaction with your team too.

#3 Ultimate Frisbee

More commonly known as “Ultimate”, this sport is probably one of the most social sports around. It’s simple to learn, fun to play and really easy to afford. Practicing won’t be a problem, as all you need is a frisbee and your friends. Ultimate combines elements of netball, touch football and grid-iron, and makes it a fast-paced, highly athletic sport.

Oh, and for those who can’t grasp the fact that throwing a frisbee around is an actual sport, the basic idea of Ultimate is to pass the frisbee disc up the field to those in your team. At the same time, the opponents are trying to intercept or knock it down.

#4 Lawn Bowls

This is a social sport that has a range of health benefits. Lawn bowls is a low-impact, therapeutic exercise that can improve fitness, coordination and confidence. This is a precision sport, with the goal to roll slightly asymmetrical balls closer to the smaller white ball than your opponent is able to do. This is a great leisure activity, and means you’ll have plenty of time to chat with your friends, whilst taking it in turns to get closer to the jack. Lawn bowls is played both for challenge with the other opponents, but also for personal enjoyment and the pleasure of spending time outdoors.

#5 Roller Derby 

Now this is a social sport that you’ll want to try. Think of it as team boxing, but on roller skates. Roller derby is an intense sport, but it’s one you’ll want to do with your closest friends. In fact, this sport will bring you even closer together. As well as being great for instilling teamwork, roller derby improves your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, as well as builds strength, self confidence and encourages fair play, cooperation and respect for one another.

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