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5 Songs That’ll Make You Happy

When we’re a little down, it seems to be our instinct to progress ourselves deeper into the bottomless void of sadness, almost like a weird form of self-torture. Despite our need to wallow (for whatever reason that may be), this entire process is counterproductive and does absolutely nothing for our well-being. Instead of putting on the sooky jams, laying around like sad sacks and recreating the opening scene of Bridget Jones’ Diary, put on some tunes that will get you jiving.

#1 The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows – Gang Of Youths

This is the 21st century equivalent to Oasis’ Champagne Supernova, which granted, may be a big call, but if you compare the way they both make you feel, you may come to find they’re similar. Gang of Youths have been killing the game lately, with their articulate lyrics and the astonishing way they mesh sounds together into something so profound. Though it takes about two-ish minutes for the chorus to kick in, this song makes you feel invincible, powerful and has the weird ability to give you a sense of purpose – perfect if you’re feeling a little hopeless. What makes this tune even better is that Dave Le’aupepe (the lead singer) wrote the song after a year of writer’s block and the contemplation of quitting music – if that’s not inspo to power through to something great, I don’t know what is.

#2 Rollercoaster – Bon Jovi

Of course Bon Jovi is on this list, sorry not sorry. His new song Rollercoaster is basically about embracing life and the love it brings you. It’s still so classically Bon Jovi that you’ll end up screaming the chorus without any intention to stop (is there any other way to sing a Bon Jovi song?) The beat is so strong and fast that it ends up ripping you out of the funk you might have found yourself in. Turn the volume right up for this one, you need to feel it in your entire body.

#3 Good Girls – Crystal Fighters

Now, here’s a band that you can throw caution to the wind too. I saw these guys live and they were, by far, the most free-spirited act I’ve seen in my short life. Everyone who was there was on another element of happiness, bopping about like toddlers who had been given candy, a new toy and a hearty pat on the head. This song will evaporate any of the mellow moods that are bringing you down. While you’re at it, go and add all their albums to your playlist.

#4 T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves

This song is all about the beachy weekend vibes with friends, which is sure to put you in a brighter mood. T-shirt Weather is playful and emanates youth, making you remember the good times that have been had in the past. It’s the perfect song for a drive, so while you’re at it, maybe message a few of your mates and ask them to veg out with you for a while – it makes a massive difference, trust me.

#5 Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself – Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne has got the whole process of making a catchy and positive song, down-pat. This song was on the loop at the retail store I used to work at, and in an instant, everyone (including the employees) was smiling and humming along. It’s common that we’re even harder on ourselves when in a bad mood, so to save yourself the self-inflicted drama, give this one a listen and forget looking (and feeling) like a sour puss.

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