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5 Stranger Things Costumes That Will Put Yours To Shame

Stranger Things is not only a show the demands to be binge watched, it also is the stuff of costume party dreams. 80’s fashion (if you can call it that), otherworldly interactions and an excuse to dress up like the child you are. Excellent. So whether you’re a secret cosplayer or a dedicated fan, the bar has been set. A little inspiration goes a long way and we will certainly be upping our costume game next year. Season 2 can’t come fast enough.

#1 Eleven and her Eggos

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Everyone’s favourite kinetically charged super girl, Eleven, is a solid costume choice, Sure you can shave your head, or pop on a blonde wig, depending on your commitment. But with a little extra work you’ll be channelling the little pocket rocket so much you’re likely to have a nosebleed. Pink dress, knee highs and a bomber jacket – you’re on your way. The best bit, gender is of no concern here, Eleven is everyone’s hero.

#2 The Demogorgan

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The stuff of absolute nightmares and calling the treacherous upside down home, Demogorgan’s lurking ways scared viewers all season long. You may not be up for a challenging costume such as this, an opening face with layers upon layers of garish teeth. Bodysuit definitely required. A little extra effort goes a long way here, you’ll be frightening your neighbours and every party attendee in no time.

#3 The lights 

For those hosting a dress party you may be tempted to decorate your lounge room with the sms service to the underworld. Why not step it up and become the lights yourself. Will’s line out of the depths of darkness to his surely unstable mother, were a character in themselves this season. You can program your lights to convey a freaky message or like the gal above, attach a keyboard for personalised scares. You will be the game of the evening guaranteed.

#4 Barb

Whether Barb will find justice in Season 2 is yet to be seen, but in the meantime you can channel her sass yourself. Glasses from another time and turtleneck styles so brazen they might just be stylish. The hero who we lost early on, she deserves a special place in your heart and wardrobe.

#5 Joyce Byers 

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Winona Ryder’s turn as absolute scatter brain and manic mother Joyce Byers, managed to be endearing above all. All you need for this costume is a desperate demeanour and a pained expression. But why stop there? Instead up the ante and take her all important lights and the scorched phone for extra gravitas. If you nail the accent you’ve won it all really. #FindingWill

Or get the whole gang together for the best Stranger Things crew costume around.

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Image source: The Verge.

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