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5 Stunning Overseas Travel Destinations To Visit In 2019

Worth it.

Well we’ve wrapped up for another year, and despite how much quicker (or maybe longer for some..) it seemed, it’s time to whip out the old travel-destinations bucket list again.

With the World Cup in Russia last year, it often felt like my whole Instagram feed was in Europe during their summer in 2k18. But with the cultural heights of South America and South East Asia on the rise, and longer holidays more on trend than ever, we still live to travel.

So we’ve teamed up with our friends at MedSailors to bring you five of the hottest destinations you need to add to your 2019 itinerary. Get packing.

#1 Croatia

It’s become one of the most popular spots in the world for young Aussies and international travellers alike, and Croatia is set for a huge 2019. Possibly the most dreamy and sun-soaked destination in all of Europe, and home to arguably the most famous beach in the continent – Bol’s Zlatni Rat. And whether it’s spending hours drifting across the Adriatic Sea, lapping it up across their vibrant nightlife scene, or wandering through Dubrovnik’s maze-like Old City streets – Croatia’s really got it all.

The konobas (restaurants) will keep you always very well fed, making for plenty of ‘grammable content. While the beachside sand bars and vast countryside will mean plenty of time for both getting your tan on, and a bit of tranquility. It’s a summer’s dream really, so pack your sunscreen and start planning.

#2 China

It may not be the first Instagrammable location you think of, but China’s ever improving stocks are rising. Cultural getaways continue to be super popular, and you’ll get a proper shock to the system when visiting one of the world’s most iconic spots. Xiàmén is a particularly popular part of the country, with seaside viewings and a ridiculously good set of cafes, restaurants and day spots. Gulàng Yu is a pedestrian island sitting in Xiàmén that is an absolute must.

Sporting very non-expected, European-styled, architecture, the city has seen a huge rise, with a 283% increase in Airbnb bookings over 2018. Don’t let it pass you.

#3 Turkey

The addictive level of controlled chaos that is Turkey, will make for some of the most enjoyable times you’ll ever have overseas. On the divide between Europe and Asia, Turkey is the perfect melting pot. But it’s so much more than (delicious) Turkish coffee, with the famous Blue Cave one of the best parts of the globe for snorkelling. From the traditional Turkish hammam baths, to haunted ghost towns and amazing coastlines, it’s one of the perfect destinations for any type of traveller.

Oh and if you’re a sucker for a good view, or something more adrenaline pumping, go paragliding over Oludeniz beach – commonly bookmarked as the best place in Europe to do so.

#4 Italy

While Italy has no doubt been on best travel-spot lists for years on years, there’s a fresh route that’s becoming increasingly popular. Sicily is the hot spot, with the focus more on a truly wide-scale experience. From hiking on Europe’s most active volcano, to wine tours in Salina, plus the mud baths and naturally spas, it’s a different experience of the European staple.

Featuring some of the best beaches in the continent, and oceanfront nightlife from your dreams, you wont have any issues getting some much needed R&R either. And, well, you already know about the food.

#5 Chile

South America is a popular spot these days, and 2019 is set to be a big year of tourism for the continent – particularly for Chile. A rare total solar eclipse will be going down in the middle of the year, and Chile is one of the few countries in the world to experience the full sight. Elqui Valley in Central Chile is an already super popular glamping, camping and star gazing hot spot – and the total eclipse will be fully visible from it.

But you’ll need to be quick, tours and accommodation is already starting to fill up with the above on the radar. So check out some accommodation options in the Valley before your Insta fills up with FOMO-inducing stories.

Are you looking to book in a memorable little getaway for 2019? Well our buds at MedSailors have got you sorted. They run amazingly stunning sailing-based tours across Europe and the world. From sipping cocktails on yachts, to visiting iconic beaches and dining in vibrant, bustling restaurants, check out all their tours right here. Because if you want the best holiday stories, you’ll need to try the best way to travel. But hurry, MedSailors cabins for summer 2019 are already selling out fast – don’t miss out!

Image Source: MedSailors, MI LODGE – Valle del Elqui Facebook

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