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5 Survivor Contestants We All Wanted To Stay

As the castaways starve it out on for the last of their days in their tribe, viewers at home will be sad to see it go. Survivor aficionados and new fans alike, the second season has yet again made for pretty addictive viewing. The dumbest of moves or the biggest of blindsides, wiping out our favourites before their time. As it wraps up here’s five survivors we would of loved to see stay a little longer, and potentially win that giant cash prize.

#1 Tarzan

Gentle giant from day one Tarzan chose firewood for the tribe over cookies for himself. In an act of extraordinary selflessness he handed his idol off to Tessa, basically handing her a ticket to the top of a new alliance. In a tragic twist of fate, this selfless act actually led to him getting eliminated. But not before showing Australia what a top bloke he is. 

#2 Sarah

More than just a pretty face, Sarah was everyones friend. Forming excellently curated alliances and proving to be a threat in physical challenges Sarah seemed poised to make it till the end until Michelle turned on her. 

#3 Jarrad

From the beginning, Jarrad came in to play for the “weird kids” until he was expertly blind sided by Jericho and Luke. Forming an alliance with the “underdogs”, Jarrad had no problem going head to head in challenges with physical players such as Locky.

#4 Henry

This faux-yoga instructor walked out of the game with an idol in his pocket- after holding onto it from the beginning. Forming alliances left right and centre and throwing challenges to get his enemies out, Henry and his iconic man bun played an excellent game.

#5 Luke

Arguably the most entertaining Survivor alumi, Luke had the whole package. He was friendly, charming, physically strong and melted our hearts when he talked about his family. He led the game and was in control of every vote, right until his blind side. We will surely  miss his makeshift spy shack and hilarious commentary. 

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