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5 Talented Acts Bringing Back The 80’s

The 80’s was a diverse wonderland of musical brilliance; a time where some of today’s juggernauts were just finding their feet. Though decades ago, the influence of the 80’s hasn’t died down, in fact you can find it woven into the sounds of many artists today. We love the 80s, the bands on this list love the 80s and if you don’t, you will begin to very shortly.

#1 Morning Harvey

Do you enjoy transcendent synth pop, because if the answer is yes then Brisbane’s Morning Harvey are right for you. Their use of pop overtones to disguise grim themes will be very familiar to those who listened to a lot of Bowie. Listen to Holy Gun and prepare yourself for an audio roller coaster ride; you may think you know where the song is going but trust me when I say you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

#2 Heaps Good Friends

Remember all those corny pop tracks of the 80s ( does Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy ring a bell?), well Heaps Good Friends have continued the tradition with their revitalised peanut brittle-pop. Adopting a carefree approach with their sound, you shouldn’t have a problem kicking back to their wonderful randomness. If you like hugs then you’ll certainly enjoy Let’s Hug Longer.

#3 The Money War

The Money War emanate fuzzy pop tunes with their on-point harmonies. The duo will draw you in with infectious hooks but the real keeper is the quality of their sound. Overall bouncy with their sound, The Money War just make you feel good, moments within their tracks starting. If you want a pick-me-up during the week, put Recall at the top of your playlist and keep an eye out for the release of their EP next month.

#4 Pluto Jonze

Drawing on the eccentricities of 80s identities, Pluto Jonze may come across as too crazy for music. A charming and effortless performer, this single man has enough razzmatazz to keep you fixated all night long. Sucker is an enthralling piece of alternative pop laced with winding vocals that fluctuate throughout the track. It’s a nice morsel to enjoy until the next release from Pluto Jonze.

#5 Double Chamber

With the raw intensity of some of the greats of yesteryear, Double Chamber aren’t your typical rock outfit. Placing 100% of their efforts into their sound, they don’t need any gimmicks or hooks to bring in the crowds. Imagine the metal sensibility of early Metallica with the raw vocal talent of modern hard rock, this blend of sound is invigorating to experience. Why not witness it in actions and check out Pretty Mich.

I stick by my preamble from before: We love the 80s, these bands clearly love the 80s and by now, you do too.

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