5 Tasty Dumpling Spots In Adelaide

Pillowy pockets of sizzling soup or little packets seared to perfection, dumplings are a soul soothing food like no other. Grab a plate to yourself and dive on in, chopsticks most certainly optional for newbies. You don’t have to be a grip master to dive into their offering, a soup spoon and fork for stability are more than ok. Or gather your crew and order the entire menu, they’re the tapas of Asian food really, made to be shared. Adelaide has a whole range of outlets serving up dumplings, but these are our pick of the bunch.

#1 Gondola Gondola

This bar with a vietnamese twist is perfect for after work nibbles. Grab yourself a tasty tipple and share a plate of their sublime dumplings. Corn and pork packages with a wash of vibrant flavoured broth surrounding, and it tastes even better than it looks. A slick option for pre evening adventure feasts or make it the main event and stay all night long.

#2 Dumpling King, CBD

With a name like that, you know the dumplings here are top notch. An eatery specialising in dim sum, the Central Market stop is for extensive in it’s offering. Fried beef dumplings, dumplings in chilli broth or the classic steamed peking pork, all excellent choices. What it lacks in glamour it makes up for ten fold in taste.

#3 Mandoo, CBD

Dumplings with a suitably delicious twist, with a touch of Korean flavours filling your every mouthful. You can watch the dumplings being made too, it’s as satisfying as watching pasta being rolled. Be under no illusion though, you couldn’t make delectable morsels of this quality at home, leave it to the experts. If you can handle your spice dive into a serve of the kim chi dumplings, it’s the house speciality for a reason.

#4 Bei Fang, St Morris

In the eastern suburbs you’ll find Bei-Fang, a taste of traditional northern Chinese fare. Half moon shaped pockets, hand packed with delicious fillings and tucked to perfection. Nothing of the frozen variety here, everything from the dim sums to the chicken shiitake dumplings are made in house. They do take away too, in case you want to gorge yourself with a side of Netflix instead.

#5 Red Panda Dumplings, Golden Grove

We would never forget the ‘burbs! Red Panda is worth the drive for city slickers, their xiao long bao is a dream. Thin dumpling wrappers hold oodles of soupy goodness begging to be slurped up. Make sure to pierce the outside to avoid burning yourself with scalding hot liquid, that’s a pro dumpling eaters tip.

Image source: The World Loves Adelaide, She Said What, True Local, Adelady, Chinatown Adelaide, In Daily, Concrete Playground. 

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