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5 Things You Need To Know About Google Home

Google Home is finally hitting Aussie shores. From tomorrow you’ll be able to pick up this home revolutioniser from most tech stores around the country. This handy little tool is changing living as we know it, (and sure as hell giving Siri a good run for their money), with the potential to change the way in which households operate. It’s set to get you more organised and relieve the stress out of the day-to-day struggles, whether you’re living with the rents, in a share house with some mates or living along. So here are five things you need to know Google Home, before you run out to purchase one for your own.

#1 The Ultimate Wing Man/Woman

Aussie households are busy households. Google Home is designed to help you get stuff done when you’re hands are full. Whether it’s planning your morning route to work, working out when to hang the washing or even setting cooking timers, this nifty little device has got you covered. You can even sync your daily schedule with up to five other people. You’ll have the most organised share house around in no time. 

#2 It’s Distinctly Aussie

Google Home has been especially customised to understand all your ‘Straya slang. Rather than struggling along to change your tone when asking for technological advice, this little tool knows everything, from brekkie ideas to the nearest servo.

#3 An Inbuilt Speaker For Any Occasion

Whether it be some chilled tunes for a Sunday arvo or some bangers for a Saturday night get together, Google Home’s inbuilt speaker delivers quality sound. Even better, you can connect to your favourite music servers like YouTube and Spotify. You can stream all your favourite playlists right from your phone or laptop.

#4 Control Your Home

If your household is really tech savvy, well be prepared to up it to the next level. Google Home allows you to control your lights, switches and even your TV. Yep, you can use voice commands to play Netflix or Stan and binge watch your fave shows. Life never looked so easy.

#5 All Your Sources In One

Ask and you shall receive the answers to all your problems. Translate phrases, run maths calculation and get definitions simply by asking. It will even help you keen on top of the news, receiving stories from Fox Sports, ABC News and TechCrunch. Google Home will even team up as your sous chef, providing nutritional information, recipes and unit conversions. Cookbooks and online recipes, a thing of the past.

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