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5 Things The Game Of Thrones Ending Just Kinda Forgot

Did the writers even watch the earlier seasons??

Yeah, I’m still talking about the Game of Thrones ending. Sue me. I dedicated 8 years of my life to that show, and there will never be enough ranting to make up for the disappointment that followed.

The finale just like, ignored heaps of loose ends in the series. I know the show was too vast to acknowledge every single one of them, but I think they should have at least covered the basics. Here’s a list of abandoned plotlines from the Game of Thrones ending.

#1 Cersei And The Volanqar Prophecy

Cersei’s prophecy predicted most of her arc, like her children dying, etc. In the earlier seasons it was brought up a lot, and was always kinda hanging off her head. One of the remaining predictions of her future was that she would be killed by her brother. We were all rooting for Tyrion to do it, especially because he literally says in this season that he hopes he turns into a Walker so he can kill Cersei when they eventually take over King’s Landing. Then, when Jaime leaves Bri, we thought maybe he would do it. Nope. Cersei dies because of a building collapse. You could argue it’s not the building, but actually Daenarys that killed her, indirectly. Either way, what was the point of the prophecy? And let’s not even talk about the fact that she says the Red Keep has never fallen, when it literally did in Robert’s Rebellion. Or the fact that her pregnancy (?) ended up being worthless.

#2 That Fucking Horse

Oh my god, why the fuck did they waste so much time on the horse? Arya was having some weird connection with it, and while none of us really knew what it mean, we def expected it to be relevant considering how much emphasis was placed on it. But, nope. The horse isn’t mentioned or acknowledged in the next episode at all, and Arya is still in King’s Landing. She didn’t even go anywhere. I’m so confused about this and it makes no sense because it’s not even like there was a season gap. Literally the next episode, it’s like it never happened.

#3  The Unsullied And Dothraki Died?

Okay, tell me how Daenarys’ army keeps multiplying despite the fact that they should have been destroyed in her previous battle. The Unsullied keep multiplying, but what really gets me is the Dothraki. There should be like, five, maybe 10 of them left. We had that terrifying and haunting scene in the third episode where we watched their lights go out one by one as they were taken out by the Undead army. They were pretty much extinct, and Dany was supposed to somehow recover from it. That’s why going to King’s Landing without an army was a bad idea, remember? Where did this new squad come from? Did she have a back up army? The continuity errors in this show are ridiculous.

#4 The Entire Story Line Of The White Walkers

The show built up the White Walker’s as super complex and mysterious creatures, with bigger aims than just destroying humanity. What was the significance of the swirly symbols they left everywhere?  They literally pinned a dead kid to one before the Winterfell battle. What about the weird blue eyed babies from a few seasons ago? The build up was so intense, they were supposed to be the biggest mystery and boss battle. But no, they were destroyed and forgotten about in one episode. Were they never going to explain who/what the Night King was? Or how he survived dragon fire?

#5 Azhor Ahai? The Lord Of The Light? The Prince That Was Promised?

So according to the prophecy of Azhor Ahai, this ancient hero would be reborn “amid smoke and salt”, “when the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers”, and would “wake dragons out of stone.” So… are we just not going to find out who that was? Melisandre was pretty sure it would be either Dany or Jon, so when neither of them killed the Night King, it was a huge shock.  Some say it was Arya because she defeated him instead, but she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the prophecy. It’s off that they pushed the whole Lord Of The Light religion, they spent time proving that there’s some merit to it with Melisandre’s powers and Jon’s survival, only to just forget it existed.

I’ve already talked about how they just kinda forgot about Bran’s powers. And then there’s Bri and Jamie’s apparently pointless love story, Jon’s useless lineage, and the under-utilisation of Arya’s faceless powers. Basically, the writers fucked up. The Game of Thrones ending showed a disregard for the integrity of the plot and the characters, and I am so done.

Image Sources: GIPHY, HBO.

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