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5 Things To Do When You Are Super Stressed And Need A Release

When the stresses of life become too overwhelming, it is important that we listen to our brains, hearts and bodies and treat them with enough self-care to recalibrate ourselves and lower our stress levels. There are so many options for chilling out, here’s a few we think could help.

#1 Nature Hike/A Long Walk In The Wild

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re feeling heavy amounts of stress is to remove yourself from your surroundings and get some fresh air. Nothing is better for that then to head to your favourite park or hiking area and take a few hours to embrace nature in all its beauty. Focus on breathing in the clean fresh air and take notice of the beauty of your surroundings. It is extremely effective in lowering your stress levels.

#2 Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Whether your strong creatively or not, taking some time to open up the right side of your brain in order to get connected to your creative side is ultra-helpful for releasing some built-up stress. If you love music, art, writing or even dance, relishing in the creative arts is both stress releasing and rewarding from the outcome. Really focus on what you want to express in what you’re doing – there are no boundaries to creativity.

#3 Sit Down For A Movie

If your best type of stress relief is tuning out for a while, take a seat on your couch or bed and turn on your favourite movie. It is OK to take a break. Get comfy with a soft blanket and some good pillows, your favourite drink and snack and just enjoy yourself. If you want to watch another one after, let yourself.

#4 Massage Time

Pampering yourself is one of the best types of self-care and stress relief. Find your nearest spa and book in a good, long massage sesh. Whether it’s an hour or three, massages are extremely therapeutic. The smell of essential oils in the air and release of tense muscles will lower your stress levels immensely. So enjoy a lil’ me-time.

#5 Meditate

Meditation is one of the strongest ways to decrease stress. While it can be a challenge to really zone out and tune in to every breath, meditation is able to promote emotional health and reduces the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. Taking even 20 minutes a day to sit down and meditate will make a huge difference to your stress levels in the future.

Managing stress can be a difficult process so it is important to take as many steps to get some release. Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

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