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5 Things To Do When You Are Super Stressed And Need A Release

Peace out, or peace out.

There comes a point when everything in life starts to weigh on you like ton of bricks. And when that happens, it’s important to listen to our brains, our hearts, and our bodies and treat them with the self-care to recalibrate ourselves adn lower our stress levels.

And while there are heaps of ways to chill out, some that are better and healthier than others. But when stress levels are at their max, it can be easy to lean towards quick (but bad) releases. however, there are some goodies, and these are a few we reckon will do just the trick to make you properly peace out.

#1 Get Out In Nature

Sometimes you’ve got to remove yourself from the stressful surroundings and get some fresh air. Nothing is better for that than to head to your favourite park or nature reserve (there are plenty around) and sock up all of nature’s beauty. Focus on breathing in the clean fresh air and take notice of how it feels around you – literally, the sunshine and breeze on your skin, the ground under your feet, listen to what’s going on around you, smell the roses (metaphorically, but also literally if there are any). Get present, it’s extremely effective in lowering your stress levels.

#2 Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Whether you’ve got any creative juices at all, taking some time to open up the right side of your brain (the creative side) is ultra-helpful for releasing some pent-up stress. Relishing in the creative arts is both stress-relieving and emotionally, and physically rewarding. Even if it’s as simple as doing some colouring-in, or random doodling, having a play on an instrument, or dancing around your living room – there are no boundaries to creativity, and no wrong answers.

#3 Movie Time

If you’re feeling overwhelmed from people, or overworked and you’ve just dished out the last of the jobs. Or if you best recharge when you spend time on your own, it’s best to tune out for a while. Grab the snacks, grab the drinks, find a blanket, and chuck on a movie. It’s A-OK to take a break. Just enjoy yourself. And if you don’t want to stop at one, put on another one, you do you, boo.

#4 Massage Time

Pampering yourself is one of the best types of self-care and stress relief. Find your nearest spa and book in a good, long massage sesh. Whether it’s one hour or three, massages are extremely therapeutic. The smell of essential oils in the air and the release of tense muscles will lower your stress levels immensely. So enjoy a lil’ me-time.

#5 Meditate

Meditation is one of the strongest ways to decrease stress. While it can be a challenge to really zone out and tune in to every breath, meditation is great for boosting your emotional health by reducing the levels of cortisol (the legit stress hormone) in your system. Just 20 minutes a day sitting and breathing will make a huge difference to your future stress levels.

Managing stress can be a difficult process so it is important to take as many steps to get some release. Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

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