The quarter life crisis seems to becoming more popular every year. So we've got the changes you need to get excited again.

5 Things To Do When You Feel A Quarter Life Crisis Coming On

I’m 26 and I’m going through a quarter life crisis.

At 21 I was immortal, but I plunged to Earth at 24. On the ground, I hid behind uni but now that I’ve graduated I feel aimless. I experience bouts of anxiety now and have stopped caring.

I used to wash my t-shirts and then pack them away, but now they hang unwashed on my bedstead. Sometimes I even go to bed without brushing my teeth and bathing. I let my fingernails and stubble grow from neglect, and I only cut and shave them when they become unsightly.

The music I enjoyed, classics such as The Ronettes don’t sound the way they used to and in fact, they’re kind of boring. The postman job I had which kept the money flowing while I studied isn’t good enough anymore. The only routine I keep is for the gym, running and work.

Beneath this all, I’m trying to fight time. By not shaving, I hope somehow the hairs on my chin will know they can’t grow past a certain length. I’m trying to fight time by freezing it and I’m scared because I’m losing.

A big part of the quarter-life crisis is buying now and paying later. When you’re given the bill there’s panic to “make it” before thirty with the perfect career, house and partner. Panic starts but once you reach a point however, there’s no use in panicking at all. I can’t predict the future but I can make changes that take me where I want to be – but what the f*ck are these changes?

#1 Fix Your Attitude

Your attitude during a time like this is crucial because it’ll affect the way you see your quarter life crisis. Is this an actual crisis, or an opportunity that’s hiding in one? No matter how you choose to see this time and use it, believing you’ll make it is much better than being a downer.

#2 Create A Vision

Imagine a new life for yourself and write it down. Consider where you’d live and work. Have a deadline for when you plan to achieve it.

#3 Work On A New Routine

Make a new routine. When your old one doesn’t work anymore it’s easy to freak out. Your new routine might simply be jogging each morning but it will give you a sense of stability. As you’re making these changes, ensure they move you in the direction you want.

#4 Stewardship

Look after what you’ve got now because you’ll definitely need those things to build your new life. This can mean drinking moderately and if you don’t already, exercise.

#5 Have Some Faith

This isn’t about religion, rather about having some damn trust in yourself. We can often be so insecure with our decision making, and when we don’t achieve something we’re our own biggest critic. So actually put some personal belief in any potential new changes you’re making. It’s super important that you actually believe in yourself and how you go about this next phase in life.


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