5 Things To Remember For Hooking Up With Your Ex

Hooking up with your ex is like passing by your local café. It’s there, it’s familiar and it’s convenient, so why wouldn’t you pop in for a little something hot?

In the words of T Swift “weeeeEE are never ever ever, getting back together”, until now.

We’ve all been there, a hook up with your ex sometimes just proves too tempting and convenient. So, we’ve got five sneaky tips to help you keep it cool casual when hooking up with your ex-flame.

#1 Ask Yourself, Why?

Sure, there are some great pros to going back to an ex for some casual sex; familiarity, convenience and you know what works. However, this also comes with some cons; emotional attachment, disagreements and possible overthinking.

Ask yourself why you’re going back there – is it for a casual hook up that’s convenient? Guaranteed? Or do you just want companionship?

So before dialling up your ex for a late-night booty call, consider swiping on Tinder for a (guaranteed) casual hook up.

#2 Play It Safe

Once you do decide you want to revisit old times, use protection. I don’t want to nag you like we’re in year 10 PDHPE sex-ed class, but your ex could have (almost definitely) hooked up with others after your break up. You might not have used a condom previously, but the reality and likelihood of them sleeping with someone since you’ve broken up could be high, even if they don’t admit it. Safety first, kids. 

#3 Be Upfront

Ensure you are both in it for the same reasons. If they want a serious relationship and you want a convenient hook up, it might just not work out (spoiler alert: it won’t). Talk things out and ensure you both understand what you want before getting down and dirty.

#4 Remind Yourself Why You Broke Up

Because you obviously broke up for a reason, and don’t want to go back there again. It’s important to understand why things didn’t work out before you do anything physical

#5 DON’T Expect To Hear From Them Again

Sure, it’s good manners and they might contact you to tell you they had a great time, but it’s best to treat this as a casual hook-up that may never happen again. If you can feel yourself starting to get butterflies again, talk to friends who were around for the first breakup, and remind yourself why you broke up. A breakup the first time is bad enough, the second time is like watching a terrible movie twice.

The bottom line – weigh up the pros against the cons of the situation and be sure you are on a level playing field with your ex. If only to ensure there’s no disagreements or messy emotions hanging around.

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