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5 Things You Didn’t Learn At School That You’ll Definitely Need Now

Thirteen years is a long time to go to school. We’ve all been through hundreds of hours of homework, a lot of English books we didn’t really like, and math we’d rather not do, and while some of us came out of school understanding the world, a bunch of us are still trying to figure it all out.

So we’ve teamed up with NobleOak to bring you a few things we wish school taught us about the world.

#1 Mental Health Management

Nothing says adulthood like crying at your desk at work from a little too much stress. While school taught us about self-esteem and resilience, it didn’t teach us the ups and downs of mental health and how to manage it. Mental health management is a make and break between coping and not coping. Creating a close support network and investing in some good quality therapy is a fool-proof way to make sure you are staying on top of your mental health.

#2 Laundry

It’s baffling that home skills was not a subject. Moving out of home means we’re leaving our parents and that means who the hell is going to do our laundry? Somehow we’re now supposed to know where to put the laundry powder, how to know if that white top with black stripes goes in the dark or lights wash and how to hand wash. Invest in a pen and paper to write down every piece of knowledge your parent has on doing laundry. This ancient script is gonna be passed down through generations. Oh yeah, learn how to read clothing tags while you’re at it.

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#3 Insurance

Like what even is insurance? Is it necessary? How do I get it? Who is it for? There’s a lot of questions about it and while you may not be covered by it at the moment, it’s something that is super important moving into actual scary adulthood. In the case of a something happening to you, insurance will cover costs for you and your family. So how do you go about getting covered? There are a tonne of options for many types of insurance, and as we get older,  income protection and life insurance becomes more of a necessity. Learn about it here, and see if it actually makes sense for you. So, don’t panic, because someone, somewhere knows how to do your insurance.

#4 Money Saving

Throw out your little pink piggy bank because that is definitely getting stolen if you’re keeping your life savings in there. If only school taught us how to be responsible with our finances, maybe us millennials would all be able to afford both avocado toast AND three almond lattes a day. Spending a little time at your local branch to figure out the best saving options is a great idea to get your finances in order, sooner rather than later. With all types of accounts, it’s perfect for no matter what industry you’re working in, or what salary you’re on. Also thank god for interest.

#5 Job Interview Skills

You’d think they’d teach you how to go out into the world of employment when you’re at school… after all, that’s exactly what the point of school is. When employers expect you to have six years of experience and three degrees to get the job, the interview is the make or break. Even if you don’t have these skills, being confident in your interview can make an employer feel like you’ve got it under control.

I think we can all be grateful for our time at school. It’s a rollercoaster of a time where you learn a lot about yourself and others. Although we may have learnt a lot, there’s so many things we’re still confused about in adulthood. Relatable, much?

Worried that you’re lacking some life skills? Maybe you have some things sorted, and no clue about others? Either way, that’s chill. Us millennials live pretty hard, so let our mates at NobleOak help out with all of your Life Insurance and Income Protection needs, all while you go out there and adult like no tomorrow. Less worrying, more saving ca$h.

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