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5 Things You Need To Do On An Adelaide Weekend Trip

You can never go wrong with a weekend getaway, but let’s face it, moseying over to the next town for the 5th time get’s old. What does one do when this reality comes to pass? Well, might I remind you that Adelaide is an actual city that exists? Not only is it adorable, but there are plenty of things to explore within a weekend while you’re there.

#1 Climb The Roof

Like any good city, Adelaide will provide you with the goods to climb. Akin to reaching the top of Rockafeller (kind of), Adelaide Oval’s RoofClimb will provide you with unbeatable views of the city and hill expanses. If you love the sun and warmth, you could experience the fine sights by day. If you’re more into the glowing, twilight views, then climbing as the sun departs for the evening might be more appealing.

#2 Explore The Hills

There are around 60 wineries throughout the Hills area, so you know you’re going to have a good time of it. What makes it even better, is that it’s only 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. This is the perfect location for those who love to relax and unwind from their busy schedules. There are plenty of wine tastings catered to any palate and gourmet food coming out of every orifice. I don’t think I’d leave, to be honest.

#3 Claire Valley And Burra

Claire Valley has a great variety of adventures to take part in, from tasting a range of craft beers to twisting and turning your way out of a large hedge maze. You can have a wander through Red Banks Conservation Park or make your way over to the town of Burra. Here you’ll be immersed in old heritage buildings and history. Perfect sight-seeing opportunity for all history buffs.

#4 Ferry To Kangaroo Island

If you’re into beautiful beaches, dense greenery and fluffy, native wildlife (Koalas all day, everyday), Kangaroo island is for you. Despite looking relatively small on the map, it’s the third largest inland island off the mainland of Australia. You can hire a car and drive yourself around the expanse of scenery. You can also embark on a wildlife tour and if you’re lucky, may even see seals lazing about on the sand.

#5 Adelaide Central Market

The markets are apparently one of Adelaide’s favourite tourist destinations, and with the selection of amazing items on offer, it’s a fair call. Pick up every deli item you can possibly think of while roaming through the stalls. Grab a picnic blanket and make your way to the nearest park to devour the goodies. Or make your way through the street food stalls and eat to your heart’s content.

Image source: South Australia and Crush Festival

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