5 Times Jim Jefferies Got It Hilariously Right

Dark humour loaded with political undertones, Aussie expat Jim Jeffries is a viral hero. First he took on gun control, lauded every time a mass shooting occurs as a voice of reason. He leaves no subject untouched, much to the dismay of some viewers. Tackling taboo and sensitive topics with a gusto unmatched by comedians. Yet. Relive his greatest takes on current affairs and absolute smackdowns. We’ve all wanted to verbally throttle Piers Morgan at one time or another, haven’t we? Well, Jim actually did it.

#1 Gun Control

Ah yes, that old chestnut. The battle of rights and freedom and political motivation that leaves America ravaged by gun violence, consistently. Taking on the simplest of objections to greater protections on buying weapons. With a reenactment of just how useful guns would be in a situation of life and death, if they were locked away like they should be. Sometimes the simplest of debunking is the best.

#2 Gay Marriage

Given the recent plebiscite debacle, this video is more relevant than ever. Challenging the hate and protectionist attitudes to gay marriage, when in reality it doesn’t even effect those against it. Equality simplified.

#3 Muslim Ban

His most recent take down saw Piers Morgan’s pro Trump talk points all but silenced. Where other members on the guest panel sought to reason, Jim instead compared Trump, aptly, to Hitler. And called Piers out on the fact his view may be compromised thanks to his winning of Celebrity Apprentice, at the hands of Trump, back in 2007. The wall wasn’t built in a day.

#4 Airplane Etiquette

A mile high club of a different kind, Jim takes on basic  in air armrest protocol. Whether you find yourself in the window seat, stuck in the middle or lounging out your legs on the aisle, there is a way to do things. A civilised society expects nothing less than decorum. A petty spatial battle all travellers can relate to.

#5 Freedom

Taking on the romanticisation of freedom and America with absolute poise. He throws stats, facts and a whole lot of humour at the argument of USA as the land of the free. From incarceration rates, drinking restrictions and prostitution, evidencing America as a comparably less free state than other nations. A perfect antidote to any disdain for Jim’s previous rants.

Image source: The Edge UK.

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