5 Tips On Living (Your Best) Life Without Social Media

With the small device in our back pocket coming with us everywhere we go, it seems social media is the bane of our existence. We watch people’s life’s on YouTube, scroll our Instagram feeds endlessly, and tweet while we’re doing the most basic human functions ( ). If this sounds all too familiar, chances are you’re in serious need of a digital detox. 

I’m not technology-bashing here, but hear me out. We as millennials cop it left right and centre from the media about our addiction to the social media and it’s impact on our mental health. To be honest, they’re not wrong, social media isn’t the healthiest thing for our mental health and taking a break (whether it lasts one day or a year) is going to help.

So we’ve come up with 5 tips on how to life your (best) life without social media, and seriously take a break from it all. 

#1 Enjoy Your God Damn Food

If you’re that person at the café standing on a chair to get the right shot of your aesthetically pleasing acai bowl, cut it out. Order some food without feeling the need to Instagram it. Enjoy some greasy goodness not only for it’s soul purpose but also for it’s taste and hangover-curing ability. Trust, it’ll taste better when you’re not fussed about getting the right lighting and exposure of a plate of food.

#2 Make Means Of Face-To-Face Communications

Scary thought, I know. Talking to people face-to-face is like consistent read receipts. On steroids. And you can’t turn them off. UGH. Reality is, it’s not that god damn hard, and truth be told, if you suck at this, good luck getting a job. Plan to meet with friends for coffee/lunch/whatever it is that tickles your fancy, and put your god damn phone away.

#3 Plan A Getaway

If you’ve got some sneaky time off work, take it to really unplug and detox. Either plan a trip with your pals or take some time to yourself to chill out and unwind. Just because you’ve cut out social media doesn’t mean you need to cut out electricity and the basic living essentials cold turkey, live it up with a cheeky weekend getaway. 

#4 Invest In A Neat Little Camera

If you take (a little too much) pride in your feed of flawless photos of food and dogs, use your talent to capture some sweet snaps. Rather than using that shitty 12 megapixel iPhone camera, and editing on VSCO, invest in a neat little DSLR camera and edit on photoshop like a pro.

#5 Go Old-School

Before you unplug from all social media, make sure you have other means of communicating with friends. Whether that be having their phone number, e-mail, address, whatever it is. You don’t need to keep a little address book like your Nan has in her handbag, but make sure you have ways of communicating sans social media platforms.

That’s 5 tips for detaching from social media from us, you can thank us later.

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