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5 Tips To Help You Get Rid Of That Winter Rig

My jeans all of a sudden feel tight.

We’re just getting used to the winter feels of freezing days spent snuggled up under a blanket, devoting endless hours to Netflix. We’ve traded in our bikini bodies for some comfy trackies and settled right in to hibernation mode, eating all sorts of comfort food. The winter rig is in full effect.

Exercising isn’t even a thought because what’s the point? It’s not like you’re getting half naked at the beach. Months fly by and before you know it, you realize those jeans you bought at the start of winter don’t fit you anymore…#thestruggleisreal.

You’re probs now Googling, ‘how to get a flat stomach in a week’ and feeling like all hope is lost. Relax, we have good news! There is still time to shed those little winter gains and it doesn’t involve fad diets or starving yourself.

#1 Get Up And Get Moving

I know it may seem like an effort, but you do need to get that heart rate up if you want to burn some calories and shed some fat. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym each day but just increasing your daily steps will help you get rid of that extra weight. Set little goals for yourself to get you started or even download a pedometer app on your phone. As each week goes by, increase your daily steps and try to aim for over 10,000 each day. This in turn will help you shed that extra weight and also improve your cardiovascular health.

#2 Ditch The Sugary Drinks


Hot chocolates and chai lattes are the ying to the winter rig’s yang. And as comforting as they are, this is a quick way to go over our daily caloric intake. A regular chai latte contains an easy 275 calories, whilst a hot chocolate also averages out to 200 calories. Not to mention, a regular hot chocolate can contain up to 24 grams of sugar. Instead, go for a body-friendly green or peppermint tea. Both come with many health benefits including increasing your metabolism, fat loss and improving digestion. #Win.

#3 Drink Water

We hear it time and time again, the fact that we need an average eight cups of water a day. But it really is important when trying to lose weight. Drinking water can help kick start your metabolism and aid your overall digestion. It also keeps you feeling fuller to stops you from grabbing that 3pm pick me up. Importantly, it boosts your energy levels which you’ll need to reach that 10k stepping goal.

#4 Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which provides us with the energy we need to get through our busy lifestyles. Now I don’t mean a latte and donut but a high protein, high carb meal such as eggs, avocado and rye bread. These are healthy sources of carbs, fat and protein that will give you a solid start to the day – and a proper diet is a non-fitness method you can use to start shedding the winter rig. Importantly, if you’re filling your body with a nutritional breakfast, you’re less likely to over eat throughout the day and opt for something sugary to up your energy levels.

#5 Get Green

Remember when we were kids at the dinner table and our mum would give us a lecture on why we need to eat our vegetables. Well… she wasn’t lying. Green veggies come with loads of benefits we all need in our lives and bodies. They improve our metabolism to help us shed those extra kilos and also provide a great source of antioxidants. Importantly, they are full of fiber that keep us feeling full and aid our digestion. If you’re not big on eating your greens, don’t stress. There are millions of powders on the market that contain all the vital veggies you need whilst tasting great! 

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