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5 Todd Sampson Tees That Speak Volumes

On Gruen, The Project or his own documentaries, Todd Sampson is adventure personified. The man has climbed Everest, performed an underwater Houdini escape, started Earth Hour and all while holding executive board positions. At Fairfax Media, Leo Burnett Media and Qantas, in case you were wondering. For all his exploration and innovation it’s spectacularly ironic that the man is reduced to his choice of clothing. Todd Sampson uses his spot to turn himself into a human billboard for causes and thoughts.

#1 Trump that

In this sassy play on words Sampson manages to say what we’re all thinking about Trump on TV, without being bleeped out. Just look at the grin on his face, it’s awash with the thought of controversy yet to culminate. Upon first glance, Tuck what you say? Then it all becomes clear. Oh yes we like this one a lot. Order one for yourself here.

#2 Building a logo

An ad man on an ad show criticising advertising. Wonderful stuff Toddy. Taking a font and branding we all recognise, Lego and poking fun at our all knowing branded minds. The Gruen Transfer and The Gruen Planet delve into the inner workings of advertising and marketing with Todd offering his expertise as a regular host. Satirising your livelihood doesn’t get much funnier than this.

#3 The president no one deserved

This one is no joke and had ABC flooded with complaints. If you can’t see that tee, it’s an image of then presidential candidate Sarah Palin holding an assault rifle. Which I suspect was not photoshopped but gleefully posed for. “Lefty bastard” and “Afraid of the right-wing” were some of the choice words hurled at Todd for his brazen display. Let’s hope his position on T-shirt re: Trump, works a treat too.

#4 A number of times

Scrolling through the Todd Sampson T-shirt tumblr, yes that’s a real thing, I wasn’t sure what this one meant. It seemed like a branding of sorts, an Elysium like stamp, a dig at consumer culture. But oh no, I was wrong. Instead Todd was giving his tee-time to support the pancreatic cancer drug 4126, a drug that was thought to save lives but was stonewalled from being given to patients. Not a bad thing to give airtime that’s for certain.

#5 Bathroom equality

Two men holding hands, an image well before it’s time. A simple sketch of a bathroom sign-esque couple that says a lot more. Advocate of change, progressive thinker and all round good guy Todd took to the Gruen desk wearing this shirt four years ago. Well ahead of the game and we just can’t keep up.

You can get your Todd Sampson fix on Channel 10 on Tuesday nights when Body hack begins. No witty t-shirts guaranteed.

Image source: Ad News, Tumblr, Todd Sampson’s t-shirts tumblr, In The Black.

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