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5 Ways To Boost Your Concentration Levels

Concentration, it ain’t easy. When you’re living in a world filled with notifications, alerts, posts and emails, it’s no wonder that 35 per cent of young people are occasionally distracted by technology. Flordis recently conducted a study revealing that Aussies have some of the most unfocused minds. Research shows that young Aussies in particular waste more than an hour each working day due to lack of concentration.

Liisa Lewis, from Flordis tell us that “almost a third (28 per cent) of 18 to 34 year olds never dedicate time to brain training or problem solving activities.”

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that has trouble concentrating at work and uni, and not doing anything about it. So, come on guys, it’s time to shape up. Here is some ways you can improve your concentration.

#1 Stay Off Social Media

Sometimes social media distracts us more than we notice. Don’t worry, I’m not saying to delete your snapchat for good, but staying off of social media for a couple days could help improve your concentration and reduce anxiety. Tully Lou has a great blog, filled with inspiration and tips on this topic. She tells us that taking a break from social media is “beneficial and will make you feel happier and less anxious”. So go ahead and stay away from Facebook and Instagram for a little while. You will definitely notice a difference in your concentration. Goodbye Snapchat, hello happiness.

#2 Apps

Sometimes, technology is all we need to help us concentrate better. The ‘Freedom’ app lets you block websites on your phone or computer, so you can’t access them while you’re working. When the workload gets too large, and I need to knuckle down, I’ll definitely be downloading ‘Freedom’. Who knew technology could be so helpful? If you have discovered apps are the way to help you get your shit done, you can find many more helpful apps here.

#3 Podcasts

Some people need to listen to something to help improve concentration. Try a Spotify playlist or even a podcast. I like to listen to Becoming SuperHuman whenever I have a lot of work to do. The podcast basically tells you how you can be extraordinary and discusses skills and strategies to overcome the impossible. Go ahead and give it a try; there are podcasts on almost anything. Trust me, they will inspire and motivate you to new heights.

#4 Exercise

I know, sometimes all we want to do is sit down and watch Netflix, but if you’re having trouble concentrating then you may want to try exercising. Dr Lauren Tober is a great blog with heaps of posts about wellbeing, mental health and even yoga e-courses. It’s easily accessible and free, so you can’t even make excuses not to participate. I know the next time I can’t concentrate, I’m gonna hit the gym, it gets the good endorphins going, plus I need to get summer body ready anyways.

#5 Eat Right

Don’t worry I’m not saying a diet is the answer. Are you the type of person that skips breakfast or doesn’t eat a lot until dinner? Try eating a big breakfast before work or uni. You’d be amazed by how much better you concentrate throughout the day with a proper breakfast and lunch. The Fit Foodie has an abundance of great recipes and useful tips on how food really can enhance your focus. Plus, food is also a great outlet for creativity. So not only are you enriching your body but stimulating your mind.


Image Sources: Pexels, Apps 2016, Becoming SuperHuman

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