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5 Travel Opportunities That’ll Get You Job Interviews

It’s bloody well hard enough trying to party work through a degree and then have to somehow differ yourself enough through literal oceans of resumes when applying for jobs. But it’s the little things outside of your degree that often make the difference between getting an interview and your resume being tossed away. And considering we know travel is already high on your everyday list, here’s how you can turn those holidays into resume standouts.

#1 Exchange Of Your Choice

If there was any way we could spend our semesters at uni, it would be overseas, right? Luckily for us, exchanges are a way to make this a reality (just with extra travel and fun thrown in.) Going through the motions of an exchange program allows you to experience the overall culture (both academic and lifestyle) of the country you visit. You’ll be able to explore, grow, and venture out beyond your comfort zone in preparation for the daily nine to five. Does your place of exchange speak a different language? Take the jump and learn it. Not only will your resume look like it’s on steroids, but you knowing two languages is super attractive to employers. You should be able to organise an exchange directly through your university/TAFE, and there are heaps of online exchange programs if you wanna’ change it up.

#2 Teach + Volunteer

One of the most popular (and useful) opportunities to take part in is teaching and/or volunteering overseas. You don’t have to be studying education or take on extra work to do either, and doing this allows you to harness your initiative, patience and personable nature (which it vital to portray in a workplace.) So if you’re keen, but don’t know where to start, Camp Thailand has got ‘ya sorted mates. Their program allows you to make a positive impact and teach children in local Thai schools. You’ll gain teaching qualifications that are fully accredited (quality, y’all) to international standards.

Meaning putting this bad boy on your resume will blow others out of the water, with stories on your experiences and heightened work ethic easy to charm over in the interviews themselves (all you’ll do is win.) As a reward for your time, you still get to go hard at full moon parties and explore a country you’ve probably had on your bucket list anyways. Oh and did we mention that you get all your accommodation paid for? Yeah that’s a thing, too.

#3 Go To Festivals

Okay, stay with us.

While this sounds like a jam-packed party-fest, signing up to work at a festival takes more skill than one might think. The various roles up for grabs usually require organisation, communication skills and the ability to work (and play) long days. Particularly if you’re interested in going down the business or event management career route, think of this as a win win. This opportunity also allows you to enhance your team working skills, and being able to say you’ve worked for some of the biggest festivals in the world is an eye-catcher. Normally you score a few tickets to the festival you’re working at, so for an extra few days of work on site, you can turn that bucket list pipe dream into a career banger as well.


#4 Conferences And Workshops

If there’s one thing that’s vital to getting any type of job, it’s your connections. It’s all about who you know, and when you have a sweet network, those metaphorical windows to your industry start opening. When you’re planning your next adventure, see if there are any conferences and workshops you can attend that are related to your degree in any of the countries you’re visiting.

It doesn’t have to be a huge, exxy conference, but think more little networking events and skill workshops that wont impact most of your main itinerary. A perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge (you can never have enough), having connections outside of Oz and being able to say you’ve gone overseas for workshops is huge.

#5 Abroad Internships

While it’s common to intern in your own country, interning at a company overseas is also a stellar option if you’ve just graduated and want to branch out. You’ll have time to explore, and advance your qualifications and skills in your field of choice. All of which are super attractive on a grad application or resume.

From working with startups to huge corporations, you’ll get to spend a decent chunk of time overseas, gloss up that resume with some real-damn-life working environments, and also explore a whole new country over a few months. Perhaps the ideal best of both worlds scenario.

Need a job but still live to travel? Well our mates at Camp Thailand are taking care of all ‘ya problems. Their tour takes you over to the heart of South East Asia to teach, volunteer, party and explore – and they’re looking for legends like you to be on the next plane! Not only that, but they’ll pay for all of your accommodation and food, so you’re essentially getting paid to travel + get sweet experience for your resume. To apply click here, or fill out the form below to get some more info on how you can get involved!

Image source: Camp Thailand

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