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5 TV Series That Deserve A Revival

As Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Arrested Development, Full House and Veronica Mars have been resurrected, there are so many other great shows that were taken away from our screens too soon. Met with the axe before they were able to build a decent following or a mammoth show that left too many questions unanswered. Here’s 5 tv series we want to see brought back to life. Netflix listen up.

#1 Friends

The greatest sitcom of all time has been the subject of constant chatter when it comes to a reunion movie or show. Fans have begged for the crew to be reenergised but with each actor raking in a million plus in the last season, it would be an exxy project. Did Rachel and Ross live happily ever after? What were Chandler and Monica like as parents? And of course, just what direction did Joey’s acting career go. Just one more series please.

#2 Freaks and Geeks

Comedy man Judd Apatow’s first endeavour was short-lived, but with a stellar cast of up and comers we can only imagine how great a revival would be. James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel picking up admittedly a few years after they left off would be comedic gold. Plus Appatow has gone from stride to humorous stride with his movies of late, Bridesmaids, Trainwreck amongst modern classics 40 Year Old Virgin and Step Brothers. Oh the laughs we would have.

#3 Flight of The Conchords

Strumming kiwi duo Flight of The Conchords showed the world just how funny down under could be. Singing about dragons, hippopotamus’, as they strolled the streets of Manhattan waving the New Zealand flag. The boys have since gone on to star in a handful of local and international productions wearing their awkward charm on their sleeve. There ain’t no party like your nanna’s tea party, and if they’re hosting we want to be there.

#4 Happy Endings

Quick witted, sharp speaking, the gang in Happy Endings won us over early on, but an overfull network schedule led to their early demise. Featuring another Wayan brother, Damon Wayans Jnr of New Girl fame, Elisha Cuthbert and a handful of other familiar faces. Quirky doesn’t even begin to cover it, and their outlandish personalities met with constant turmoil every single episode. Self depreciating humour at it’s finest, three seasons just wasn’t enough.

#5 House

The doctor show to put aside familiar storylines and endless emergency room settings, House is one of kind. Both the show and the doctor. A medical drama laced with bouts of dark comedy and wonderfully engineered plot twists, no character was safe. It was originally pitched as a hospital CSI, a medical whodunnit, but fans of the show will know it’s so much more than that. Diagnostician House and his practice of spectacular doctors take on issues no other major network show did. We want more of the trademark House ambivalence.

Honourable mentions to Party Down, Firefly, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the list never ends. With so many other great shows cut before their time, what other shows would you like to see enlivened?

Image source: The Inquisitr.

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