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5 TV Shows That Made You Want To Switch Careers

What made you take the degree you did? Maybe your parents suggested it to you, or you followed in the footsteps on your older sibling? Perhaps you just chose the subject you hated least at school, or the one you thought you might give you the best job prospects?

Well forget career advisers, did you know that around 30% of us find our career inspiration from the TV? Rather than taking inspo from any of the above, we simply plonk ourselves in front of the telly and decide what we want to do for the rest of our lives!

So what are people watching that captivates them so much makes them they want to change their career paths? Here are 5 TV shows that are most likely to make you want to pull on a different uniform day in and day out.


Silly, stupid, and according to some medical professionals the most accurate portrayal of the medical profession on TV, Scrubs made all of us consider becoming a Doctor.

All fictional television shows about a real profession obviously run the risk of getting things very wrong. Scrubs however, while comical and flippant, manages to capture the training process, medical work experience and the dynamics of a hospital with pretty decent accuracy. Who didn’t watch Scrubs and crave a career with the goofy romance of JD and Elliott, while running around saving lives? 

Sex in The City

The life of Carrie Bradshaw is literally the dream of so many. If being a journalist in real life was actually what it looked like in Sex in The City, we’re pretty sure the world would be full of budding journos. Carrie basically spent her time brunching and going on dates, while apparently funding her extravagant lifestyle and excessive shoe habit, by writing an article every now and then. Sounds pretty accurate, right?


A high-powered job with a 5-figure salary, which makes people of the opposite sex seemingly fall at your feet? Suits in basically a law school advert. It’s hard for most men, (and women for that matter), to watch suits and not want to be Harvey Spector. While the 7am starts and 11pm finishes might not be at the top of our lists, we may be able to live with it if we could buy $10,000 suits on a whim.


A super-smart team of forensics investigators using cutting-edge scientific methods to solve crazy murder cases? The various CSI shows definitely make the program seem more enthralling and interesting than it probably is, but it does seem like a pretty cool job. The tech was out of control, fragment of a fragment of a finger print was able to nail a killer with ease. Horatio’s glasses move in CSI: Miami made us want it even more. Case closed.


It’s glossy, it’s fast-paced and it’s sexy. From SpooksBond and Bourne no job really intrigues like a spy. Nobody’s quite sure what they do – but everyone wants to know more. Spooks definitely make spies sexy – after all they are literally saving the world on a day to day basis. We’re not sure all the real life agents look like Rupert Penry-Jones or Raza Jaffrey, but hey, if there’re preventing some of the most dangerous crimes taking place, who really cares what they look like?

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