5 Tweets About #MuslimBan That Say What We’re All Thinking

Another executive order made by the tiny orange hands of Donald Trump has wreaked havoc across the world. Moving to ban Syrian refugees and instating extreme vetting on arrivals from seven majority muslim nations. Tightening the borders in a selective *cough* religiously motivated manner has us wondering whether history may just repeat itself. Trying to make sense of it all? Here’s 5 tweets that say it ever so eloquently.


Michael Moore, documentary man and pursuer of justice tweeted a sincere apology. Oh and used the popular vote stat as a weapon to burn Trump himself in a measly 140 characters. Even from across the ocean we tend to agree.


Why what an excellent point, if only an act of mass discrimination wasn’t hidden under the guise of religion. Bethlehem for once seems like a much kinder place, if only we could turn back time.


Just to bring it home, quite literally, head honcho of our own fine land, Prime Minister Turnbull’s reaction to this is beyond diplomatic. His silence speaks volumes and it ain’t good news.


Justin Tredeau isn’t the only drawcard, a poem lyrically covering just a handful of reasons why Canada is the finer nation. And in light of recent ahem unconstitutional bans, we’re all for heading to the maple leaf border.


Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. The mantra that dusts many a French building, but it’s letters stand for a revolution. With this executive order and those surely to come standing against this motto and all it strives to better, we hope the French do take Lady Liberty back ashore.

Image source: HDNX.

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