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5 Types Of Housemates You Don’t Want To Live With

Moving out of home may have you giddy with visions of independence and freedom. When often in reality you’ll be tied down in different ways. Regimented in your bathroom schedule by share house inhabitants. Whipped into shape when it comes to cleaning or forced to become a fierce budgeter when your flatmate misses rent day. Again. So before you jump feet first into a living situation, you have to make sure you are compatible. Or just avoid these 5 meddlesome housemates that you don’t want to live with, at least for your sanity.

#1 The Always Late For Rent

Although this character forces you to be extra responsible with every penny, it shouldn’t be your duty to cover their rent. There’s always a story to go along with the missing money. A desperately overdue phone bill, a sick relative abroad or even the infuriatingly honest, I went too hard on the weekend. Piggybacking on your diligence is not cool and avoid these flaky types as best you can. You’ll be richer for it.

#2 The Sneaky Eater

The solace to living out of home is the right to eat whatever you please, right? Well until the budgetary constraints of having your own abode mean that choice is between what flavour instant noodles. Nevertheless, there’s nothing more disheartening than your hard earned once a week prized meal, containing actual fresh ingredients, being snatched from the fridge. It may have been a nibble or a total kidnapping, the sneaky eater sees the fridge as a free for all. And by all, it’s them and them alone. You’ll likely find a trail of crumbs leading to their bedroom, where they take their winnings to devour. You’ll notice this individual brags about wonderful work lunches too, and you just know he’s a repeat offender.

#3 The Passive Aggressive Note Writer

It could be a post-it note kind of passive aggressive or the type who writes in the housemate WhatsApp, whilst secretly fuming. No matter their medium it’s the same conduct. All cursive letters and love hearts, even a smiley face or two. They’re the type to leave signs in the bathroom documenting excretory best practice. With rhymes no less. They’re likely to be clean freaks too and you know they complain about your behaviour non stop. So don’t be surprised if their significant other is a little skittish around you, straight off the bat.

#4 The Couple That Always Fights

There’s a misconception that living with couples is a constant third wheeling experience. Or fifth wheel and so on, depending upon your house numbers. But living with a couple isn’t usually that bad, they usually even make extra effort to break that expectation of shitty couples. They have couples that always fight to thank for giving them a bad name. It’s not just the torrent of verbal abuse or the loud aftermath, it’s the general tense air that surrounds them. Will they kick off or will they be sickeningly loving on the couch? It’s a coin flip. Avoid wherever possible.

#5 The Silent Creeper

A chronic lurker, you’ll find them crossing the hallway in a scurry or darting from the kitchen with haste. Who is this housemate? We’re not really sure. You’ll never be sure  if they feel left out or genuinely wish to escape you at all costs. Hiding holed up in their 4sqm den all day long. It’s nice to feel pleasantly acquainted with your living mates, the silent creeper makes that all but impossible. They could pop up at any time or vanish with all your possessions, too risky for it to be worth it.

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